Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika and Aaji are shocked to hear Megha reading news that famous singer Kalyani Gaekwad’s pregnant sister sang in some producer’s daughter’s marriage.

Kalyani and Karan continue walking. They see a Parsi couple and requests them to drop themin their car. Husband says he will not. Wife insists and their argument starys. Karan asks since how long they have been married. Lady says 48 years, man says 50. Their argument starts again. Lady asks Kalyani and Karan since how long they are married. Kalyani says no, Karan says 1 years. Lady asks Karn to love his wife same way forever. Kalyani gets shy and Karan smiles. They drop Karan and Kalyani till home.

Devika comes to Ketki’s room and Ketki acts as sleeping. Devika says she knows she is awake and asks why did she sing in producer’s daughter’s marriage. Ketki starts crying that even she wants to become famous like Kalyani and she is jobless now unlike Kalyani. Devika consoles her.

Kalyani reaches home and receives call and gets news about Ketki’s singing. She asks Devika what is all this. Devika says even she asked same. In the morning, Kalyani goes to KVK’s office to meet him and finds Karan there. Karan says he came here for a business deal and asks what did she come here. She says she came to meet KVK. Manager says KVK left. Kalyani feels sad and says she wated to request KVK to give job to Ketki as well, but he does not meet her at all, so it is best to stop singing for him. Karan says KVK is a nice man and must be busy. Kalyani says even she heard same. Karan suggests her something to cheer up Ketki.

Kalyani calls Ketki and asks her to reach Gulistan hotel in the evening. Ketki reaches and Karan introduces himself to her. He makes her sit and Kalyani on stage says this song is for Ketki Gaekwad. She sings Dil banke titli yun uda kahin dooor… Ketki cheers up hearing song. They enjoy dinner and Ketki asks Kalyani whose idea it was. Kalyani says Karan’s. They continue enjoying dinner.

Precap: Ketki tells Protima that since she did not give her job offers, she started singing for someone else. Protima shouts how dare she is, if she knows what she is talking about. Kalyani comes out of bathroom and Karan enters room, Kalyani runs and locks door. Kalyani and Ketki reunite. Megha and Meenakshi think how to break Kalyani and Ketki’s unity again.

Update Credit to: MA

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