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Chandini enters into iit college some boys start teasing her
Chandini is seeing the ground
One boy: wat is ur name?
Chandini: sir chandini
Other boy: sir is not necessary its just interaction, where are u from
Chandini: i am local student sir
Other boy: phir se sir, why dnt u are seeing the ground
Chandini raises her head

Infront of her advay is shown
Advay and his friends gang is interacting with new comers
Advay sees her and praises chandini
Advay: u told ur name is chandini ur face is truly a chand
Chandini smiles and says thanks
Other batch bad boys gang comes by drinking beer in a jeep and throws beer bottle on chandini
At a crucial point advay holds the bottle and protects chandini
He throws same bottle onto that gang
Gang’s head name is chirag
Chirag comes furiously and holds advays collar

Advay also holds chirag’s collar
At that moment only principal comes and interrupts them
Principal: wat is gng on
Advay: nthing sir just talking (with angry face)
Principal: advay u are brilliant student why u are creating nuisance in college
One of advay’s friends: sir chirag thrown bottle on our newcomer chandini but advay protected her by holding that bottle

Principal: chirag come to my room, now all students disperse and attend the classes
Chirag with angry face goes from there
Chandini: thank u sir
Advay: see miss my name is advay singh raizada, u can call me advay
Chandini: okay sir sry advay
Advay: nice meeting you miss chandini hope u enjoy our campus and studies

After one week

Precap: advay is shocked

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    Dear Optimistic
    AdNi Scene?Advay Save Chandni??Advay Introduce Herself To Chandni.Chandni Call Him Sir?It’s Awesome And Intersting Episode??????Precap?
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Optimistic

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