Pehredaar Piya Ki- 12 years later (episode 10)

Kristina learns about the whole story. She was embarrassed by her actions and so she decided to help Ratan out of this. She wrote another article explaining Ratan’s POV. Thanks to the article, Ratan and Diya will be out of controversy now and their relationship will be officially recognised. “Media truely has the power to change everything.” Ratan thought.

He then went back to the hospital. Diya was waiting for him. After all it had taken a lot of time for him to come back.

“Ratan saa, aa gaye aap? Bohot kaam tha?” Diya inquired.

“Nahi, actually bohot traffic tha….And you know Ayush bhai saa kitna safe drive karte he!!”

Diya laughed. “Ha, Humne bhi experience kiya he!!!”

Diya continued…..”Well, the doctor told ki hum aaj hi discharge le sakte hein…..I think you should go and talk to him. And yes, abhi abhi Aarav ka phone aaya tha, shayad aapka phone busy aa raha tha to unhone yaha phone kiya……call back kar dijiyega….”

“Accha thik hai, hum abhi doctor se milkar aate hein…” Ratan said and went out of the room.


Diya finally gets discharged. They go to Kesar Mahal. Kaki saa does their aarti.
Ratan brings Diya to their room and settles her down on the bed. He then proceeds to the dressing area to pick out something to wear for the dinner.

Just then his eyes fall on a piece of paper addressed to Diya. Here, she was addressed as Ms. Diya Singh, manager of the surajgarh palace.
He thought of the time that Diya would have gone through.

Just as he was thinking, the video phone rang. He received the call. It was Aarav. He called him inside.

He came in.

“Oh, yaar Ratty kabse call kar raha hun, itni der tak kis se baat kar raha tha yaar tu? Arrey bhabhi! Kaise ho aap? Kya batau aap ko, yeh kitna careless hai! Right from boarding school he was like that…….arrey ek baar to janab apna uniform kho diye the…….aur ek baar to had hi kar di, apna prefect badge kho diya tha inhone…………….Ek month ke liye outings cancel ho gayi thi iski!!……..”

Aarav rambles on.

Diya was forcing herself not to laugh but this was the most talkative person she had ever met. DiRa look at each other and suddenly both of them start laughing together……….

Aarav stops. “Ha ha has lo jitna hasna hain, Phir baat karte hein.”

“Arrey, nahi bro aap bolo!!” Ratan speaks.

“Accha toh sunn, actually Mayo ( mayo college, their boarding school in ajmer. This has also been my school for a year!!) ke sabhi Old Boys aur Girls(alumni) ka reunion hone wala hain wahi school mein 24th ko. Raj, Rohan, Parikshit, Viral, Ayaan, Lakshya…..everyone is coming. So bro you and bhabhi are also coming with me……..”

“Arrey but hum kaise jaa sakte hein…..Diya ke saath?? I mean iss halat mein??…nahi yaar…” Ratan expressed his concern.

Aarav says. “Bhai, mein bhi ek doctor hu, kuch nahi hoga unhe.Tab tak toh woh alright ho jayegi. Don’t worry…….And waise bhi Ajmer kaha door hain. And waise bhi ek hi din ki toh baat hein…..maan jaa mere bhai, bhabhi aap kuch bolo naa issko??”

“Chalte hain naa Ratan saa!! Please….” Diya says and makes a puppy face. Aarav also joins her.”Please bro…..maan jao naa….”

“Accha thik hain!! Chalenge bas?? Khush?” Ratan gives in.

“KHUSH!!!” Both Diya and Aarav say at the same time and then give each other a high five.

To be continued.

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  7. Vivian20

    Ofc I don’t mind!!! Thanks a lot…will post soon

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  11. Vivian20

    Hi! I am so so sorry that you had to wait… episode will be posted by Tuesday or Wednesday!!

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