Nishant…through the dark woods (part 1)

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The obedient horse kept hearing his master’s mind and never stopped running through the dense forest, In a night where moon was shining bright it was possible for him to tear the forest and find ways in the otherwise unknown place.

The men of Vikram Singh had stopped back then when he had taken this dark route of forests forbidden for humans… She had warned him long back when this invitation of horse-racing as a medium to mend the bitter relationships was sent to them.

He should have listened to her then she would not have been lying this way, lifeless on his back.” Cursing under his breath he slid his arm to take into account that she was fine.

He will punish them for sure but not in this strange city where he didn’t have control on situations; he needed to reach Ranghargarh as soon as possible… the herbs which he had sniffed her forcefully were going to lose the powers any moment.

She was not a weak person but the situations were meant for her to believe he was at fault and he himself felt guilty for what he did unintentionally. The mere thought of those few minutes shook him again. Holding the reins, he again searched way out of the darkness.

Far away from them, a pack of wolves cried out of blue followed by some hustle and run, in a moment the silent forest was alive …some kind of danger was approaching the three of them.

Maneuvering his horse to some steep slopes he felt a rush of cold winds touching him…it felt wrong to take this direction but he had no other way left.

After nearly five or six hundred meters the horse named ‘Amani ‘– someone who showed the path, stopped abruptly and hesitated to move further like he sensed something amiss inroads ahead forbidden to human senses.

But his master did not have time to stop, he needed to reach into some shelter to save all three of them from the danger lingering somewhere very close.

“He needed to leave the reins now and find the ways himself” he took the decision.

Pulling his wife carefully from his back he laid her in front of him on the horse and touched the ground, with a moment of settlement he scooped her up in his strong arms.

He started the walk to the little hill in front of him to search for a safe place to wait for the sun but “Amani” never followed him and as he turned back he found him shying away with his ears pricked up like he wanted to go back, like he was frightened of something, he knew such behavior but he couldn’t take risk of going back and just now.

For now, he had to search a safe place and so eyeing his friend for years with a yearning look he headed up he would tackle the terrors, animals had their ways.

The steep hills were not that steep as he walked further, they were filled with lush green grass and some sweet smell he found himself unknown to.

“in some other situation he would have loved coming to this place,” he mused to himself.

“Anant… a soft voice called him and his fears came true the little anesthetic herbs were now freeing her from the deep sleep.

“Sleep love, we would be home soon.” He tried though he knew it was of no use as he had already noticed her rubbing her eyes.


Her throat hurt a bit and she felt like she was being carried but she was with Princess Nandita before lunch, how suddenly she was feeling strange and where she was?” she bombed her already dizzying head the questions.

But the familiar masculine fragrance told her she was safe, she opened her eyes and called softly.


But he pushed her to sleep like he wanted to hide something from her and suddenly everything happened in the day came to her; Grief and anger started suffocating her but she controlled her heart and called his full name how she did when she was angry.

“Anantraaj… I am fine, please put me down.” She said in a straight voice shuffling in his hold.

“I’ll Vaidehi but only when we get to a safe place.” He declared in the usual authoritative but a calm voice.

They kept moving through the now thinner woods in silence but her mind kept buzzing with the questions which she wanted answers when suddenly he stopped and a bright light welcomed them.

She wanted to see the source when he put her down and clutched her wrist as if protecting.

And what greeted them was, surrounded with a few men, clad in a white dress a very beautiful lady who could be counted as a Heavenly nymph with big eyes and dark hairs swaying in the air.

The men around her were her servants perhaps who held the cloth lit wooden torch which created a foggy environment.

“It seems you have lost your ways otherwise even an animal is forbidden to my place.” The lady said with a straight face followed by a constant stare towards them.

“We are new to this city and in dark no possible way is visible.” The Tempered Prince replied with the arrogance but in the next moment, the free hands of the men around her gripped their hidden knives.

Though smiling on his arrogance inwardly she clenched his arm, “forgive us for we entered without your permission but it was unintentional.” She said in a sweet voice.

“Can you please… Vaidehi was cut midway.

“Dushyant… lead them to the fort, Kritika understands what a family is.” The woman in white said in a rather thoughtful voice but the way she stared Vaidehi, it made her feel uncomfortable.

And in the next moment she left the place. She walked like she owned the place and like no one had a right to stop her, swaying the long white dupatta and surrounded by those who came with her she moved opposite to them.

“Walk behind me.” The man named Dushyant ordered them and though enraged on being ordered he started walking.

On the foot of the hill, “Amani” waited for his prince and princess whom he tried stopping but who didn’t understand him and who didn’t notice the awful smell of human meat in the airs of the forest.


Hello everyone, so kick-starting my New Year with this new story and for the first time I am discovering Royal romance… from always I wanted to write something on a king and queen and here I am doing it.

Also the couple on cover… so I liked this guy in first glance and from the time I started writing this story he was in my mind.

Don’t you feel he is just so dashing and he looks like a king? *winks*

So tell me how you like Anant and Vaidehi?

With love Morusya.

p.s.- your feedback would encourage me to write an early update.?

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    wonderful !!
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    1. Morusya51

      Thank you Fenil, i remember the story, will update it soon(Marring the seclusion….right??

      1. Fenil

        ohh yaa !!

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