Our love story is different (Episode 4)

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Happy New Year!! 

May this year brings you bunch of success, love and happiness.???????❤️?

Aditya was totally irritated by Zoya.          Aditya pov…                                                  Why,why do I care for someone so much. When I know that the person just don’t deserve it but my father has always taught me this to care for whoever meets me. My mother could never be at the place of my father. My whole world is around my father as I love him to the moon and back. I always try to be like him and so even if she says that she knows me only for last two days I still care for her. I should stop myself now as it’s useless to care for someone who doesn’t reciprocate to my feelings. 

I was sitting in the park surfing through my phone when I saw Zoya approaching towards me. I stayed quite and continued surfing through phone. She sat beside me and spoke hii. I looked at her angrily and just replied what? Umm…I am hungry let’s go out and have something please she spoke calmly. I don’t want anything you do whatever you want and I stood up angrily and left. She ran behind me and held my hand ,I turned and saw her holding her hands. I am really very sorry. Please forgive me. She said genuinely. I stood in front of her still with attitude. It is good when your mood is good you talk nicely and when someone cares for you behave irritatingly and then left I said with a disappointed manner. Please I am sorry. I will never behave like this with you I promise even if I know you since last two days I really appreciate your behaviour. The way you care for someone I like this trust me but I don’t like when someone comes in my own world I don’t like more people so… Take a break yaar you talk so much that also continuously. She smiled as I said this and spoke it’s your magic that I am talking to you continuously without a break. I am smitting you in my charm. She smiled by this statement of mine. She really has a beautiful incandescent smile. We left to have something outside college.                                                          End of pov…

AdiYa reached to a nearby cafe.                Aditya and Zoya spoke together : one orange cold coffee please. They looked at each other and smiled.                          They waited for there order and as soon as they took it they settled themselves on a near by table.                                       Aditya: so you love orange cold coffee? Zoya: yes since childhood I love it. It’s my favourite cold coffee.                      Aditya:mine too . Zoya how suddenly you cared for me and came to say me sorry I mean that is surprising.                          Zoya couldn’t answer that question and went into flashback.                              Zoya went into her room after coming out of library. As soon as she entered her room Anurag was sitting there with Prerna.                                                    Zoya: what are you doing here ? Any work Anurag?                                          Anurag:Zoya did you had any fight with Aditya as he seemed very angry when I saw him out of library totally lost in his thoughts.                                                Zoya:yes Anurag I mean I denied talking to him. He is so irritating continuously asking me about my behaviour and everything.                                                Prerna:he is not irritating. He is a pure soul who cares for everyone he meets because he has not got such a attachment from his family so he cares for his friends. The girl he will choose will be lucky to get a boy like him.            Noor who just entered in the room with Arjun listened all this and spoke Zoya when someone cares for you atleast show respect I can guess how much rude you must have been to him. His mother never cared for him his father was only for him since childhood. Go say him sorry.                                                    Zoya: I didn’t knew about this I am so sorry and she immediately left the room to say sorry to him and decided to never fight with the one who cares for her selflessly.

Aditya snaplsn his fingers infront of her and asked her what happened to her.

Zoya nodded her head assuring that nothing had happened.

Zoya:nkthi no I just had a change of mind.Thank you Aditya for caring for me so much from last few years I am not attached to this kind of care and love so… I am surprised that even if you know me since last few days still you care for me.

Aditya:all credit to my dad. He is my world.

Zoya smiled and nodded.                            AdiYa reached to there hostels. As Zoya started moving towards her hostel after saying bye to Aditya. Aditya stopped her and as Zoya turned he hugged Zoya and just spoke thank you. Zoya smiled and reciprocated the hug. After breaking the hug he immediately left which made Zoya puzzled as she still wanted to ask him about the reason of thank you.

Hey guys how was the episode. Tell me in the comments and keep loving and supporting.

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  1. Anuva

    Nice… Sad to see Adi… Both have same likings… Good to see Zoya ask sorry to Adi…

  2. It was nice I liked it…poor adi how much he was hurt..but when zoya told sorry and adi become happy was good.maybe because of her past she would be behaving like this.adiya cafe scene and the last hug was nice and romantic and wish you a happy and prosperous new year

  3. Tanshi

    Wowwwww superb!!!!!!It’s very touching one!!!!!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR???

  4. Jasminerahul

    loved anure n noor making zoya understand that she shudnt rude to adi who cares 4 her.zoya thanking adi was nice.hug was unexpected seet n romantic

  5. Amazimg , aww that hugg ??? superb

  6. WOW! Awesome! Very very very nice episode .
    I really like it when Adi was angry with zoya and fogives her. And also the last part.Very wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

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