Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,jwala sees bunty on sukus bike n asks him to get down, bunty says don’t worry no one will see me all are busy inside n asks jwala to sit as well n says lets go on a ride i can ride a bike, suku is busy finding his bike keys, ramesh asks suku why hasn’t he given money to his mom yet suku says i have deposited money in bank n will bring it from atm, ramesh asks him to be quick as the ceremony will begin in 2 hours, bunty n jwala fall with sukus bike n damage the bike both hide the bike n runaway, laxmi asks ramesh where is the money ramesh tells her suku is getting it, laxmi says make sure if suku has the money or has spent it, if he doesn’t sell or mortgage it, ramesh asks laxmi not to worry, vijendra calls ramesh n asks him to check with the pandit.
Nisha calls sourabh, he asks nisha wat help she wants, nisha tells him abt the 4pm deadline n the terrace story, sourabh says he cant help her, nisha tries convince him, dolly scolds summit on phne saying before marriage his mother has put her in such serious situation god knows wat she will do after marriage, dolly keeps her phone n asks umesh wat abt nishas boyfriend umesh says he has asked kirti to look for boys. Kirti calls ritesh to meet out, ritesh asks her why has she called him, kirti says she wants him to help her find a guy for yesterdays matter n the guy shd know to climb n jump off a terrace, here sourabh gets convinced by nisha n umesh n dolly on a call convince a guy. Jwala promises bunty that she wont tell abt the bike to anyone, jwala asks roopan to help her get banded saying she fell down while running, roopan asks her to do it on her own as she is busy with arrangements, laxmi calls ramesh n asks him abt suku n mney ramesh asks her to chill n says suku will get money, mohan asks ramesh wat is the matter, ramesh says nothing serious n calls suku, suku says he will get the money in time, suku goes to his bike n sees it all damaged.
Kirti tells dolly shes started liking ritesh n says she is feeling guilty bcoz ritesh is choice for nisha n to divert attention shez gonna go for a fashion designing course, dolly sees jwala crying n asks her wat is the matter, jwala points kirti, dolly scolds kirti n asks her to stop talking rude with jwala, jwala hugs dolly n says she is gonna miss her a lot.
Nisha takes rehersal of sourabh on how to face dadaji, suku finds that the bike is damaged by bunty he goes to him, rukmavati asks suku why is he hitting bunty, bunty says bcoz i broke his bike, suku asks rukmavati to keep mum n walks off, laxmi asks suku where is money suku says he is getting it he has given it to umesh to count them, suku informs kirti n umesh abt his situation.

Laxmi gives suku a envelope n asks to keep money in that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks for the written update.due to my job and family i cant saw the episodes it can help me some entertains. i love this show.Thank you so much.

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