Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying she is sure, but she wants to do tests for Nandini. Akshara says you know what doctor told Nandini years ago, I trust you. Devyaani says you trust me, lets not tell them now, its happy good news for everyone, we have to tell them after the tests. Akshara says yes, btu how to tell them and cries happily. Bhabhimaa comes and asks what happened. Devyaani and Akshara changes the topic. Naitik, Mohit and Shaurya talk about the new office. Mohit says he will stay as a PG in any good family, he will adjust, it will be cost cutting. Naitik says you don’t think that. Mohit says it will be good to be with family. Shaurya says you are right. He jokes and says its right we can’t stay in hotel for much time. Naitik says he is not feeling good that he is sending him away from family. Mohit cheers him. They have a laugh.

Naman calls Karishma and her phone is off. Anshu calls Naman and asks him to talk and then react. Naman is angry and ends the call. Anshu says I don’t know whats his problem. Akshara says she will talk to Nandini and tell her. Nandini faints. Everyone is shocked. They rush to her and care. Yash and Naitik talk. They see Naman worried and think its girlfriend problem. They talk to Naman and he complains about girls. Rajshri reads a book. Kaki and Dadi looks on. She says the story looks good. Dadi asks what is she reading. Kaki says she never saw her reading like this. Mohit tells everyone that dpctor said he will do tests and say. Devyaani says but reports come easily.

Rukmani asks what happened, any disease, what is the problem. Devyaani says no, I was talking about good news. Bhabhimaa says what. Akshara says Devyaani feels Nandini is pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Devyaani says yes, Nandini is pregnant. Rukmani says are you mad, what are you saying. Bhabhimaa says its not good to joke, it will hurt her. Devyaani says she is not joking, its 8 years gone. Rukmani says how can anything such happen. Nandini says we did not do any treatment. Devyaani says my experience says you are pregnant. Naitik says you are giving us hope, if its wrong, our hearts will break.

Devyaani says she is sure. Rukmani scolds her. Nandini cries. Mohit gets the doctor’s call and talks to him. He is shocked. Rukmani says how will things change. Mohit says Maa, Devyaani is right. Everyone is shocked and happy. Music plays…………… Naitik asks are you saying true. Mohit says yes, doctor confirmed this that Nandini is pregnant. Everyone say congrats. Rukmani apologizes to Devyaani and asks Mohit to bring sweets. Naksh and Yash come and asks what happened. Naitik says Yash is getting a new brother/sister. Bau ji says he will tell Rashmi and Chikki.

Varsha calls Rajshri and says put phone on speaker, it’s a good news. She says Nandini is pregnant and everyone get happy. Dadi says Lord always listens to prayers. Rukmani dances happily. Everyone join her and clap. Akshara asks why is Nandini crying. Nandini says she is worried as problems can come. Mohit says he has lost hope. Nandini says even me. Mohit gets a message and says tickets are confirmed, so he will collect some papers. Rukmani asks him not to go, as Nandini is not well. They need him here. Nandini says no, let him go. Rukmani says this chance won’t come again. Mohit says yes, Nandini is right, I will do, doctors will do some tests and I will leave her here.

Rukmani says I will keep havan, come tomorrow in temple. Nandini asks Naitik not to worry. Mohot talks to Nandini and says everything is looking a dream to me. Nandini says yes, our baby will be filling our space in our life. She asks will Yash be happy. He says yes, he always wanted a little sibling. She says yes. Bhabhimaa talks to Dadda ji. He says Yash was her son always. She says yes, but she was hurt by all taunts, now she will be becoming a mother. He says he will go to Nandini’s home daily. They laugh. Bau ji comes and says congrats. Bhabhimaa and Dadda ji miss Gayatri. Bau ji gets upset. He says Gayatri will be happy this time knowing all this.

Akshara talks to Naitik that Mohit is going at this time when Nandini needs her. He says Mohit has to go. He says we get habituated to each other,its good I don’t need to go out, as I can’t be away from you. Nandini hugs Mohit. He says he is feeling bad that he is going. She says I m not feeling bad. She packs his bag. Bua ji asks Naitik can’t Mohit trip be postponed. Naitik says no, its not possible. Akshara says some solution will come up. Naman is worried. Akshara sees him.

Rukmani keeps the havan and everyone attend it. Nandini faints. Everyone get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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