Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, leela says u are lying nisha to save ur husband and friend,ask this sourabh where did this come from in his bag,sumit says now I know dadaji this guy is a big gamer I have observed him trying to be very close to dolly, I don’t know what he wants, he knows I am dollys husband still and now he wants me to trap so that he can get dolly and so he made dolly his partner,dolly says enough sumit,dadaji this isn’t true sourabh is all our cousins friend and what sumit is saying isn’t true,leela says dolly have some shame and does it mean that u like him too,vimla says enough leelaji why are u pulling the topic,leela says this people,dadaji says shutup everyone be quite,dadaji walks to sourabh and says I have seen u grow in front of me, is sumit saying the truth, sourabh doesn’t answer and looks down,dadaji says I take it as a yes, sourabh says dadaji this house has always been mine, I am ready to take any punishment and trust me I don’t know from where this jwellery came and abt sumit all is correct Infact I saw him talking to viraj as well.
Sumit says to himself I have to do something, sumit says I justed bumped into him and if it is wrong to talk to someone what abt nisha and kabir,I will tell one more truth,dadaji the truth is nisha and kabirs wedding is a big lie,its just a 3 month contract,this people are making fun of u and ur feelings, after 3 months kabir will leave nisha and go London and will disrespect u all and so he robbed the jwellery,virndra enters and asks vimla why is she crying and why are all so tensed,dadaji asks virendra what news u have,virendra says kabir was the last person to leave , sourabh says that was me and not kabir, and sumit trapped me there, virendra says one more the place of warehouse is viraj singh rathores.
Sumit says see dadaji he did so that he can run away and put all the blame on viraj,kabir says u gave me the idea of that land,sumit says no I didn’t,kabir says dadaji trust me,dadaji says u can stay in virajs house and have a fake marriage then why not shop on his place,I made a big mistake trusting u kabir a big one,leela says this fraud is done by kabir and sourabh and so arrest them,dadaji says plz leelaji don’t interfere in family matters,nisha says dadaji nothing of this is true give me 24 hours and I will prove u that kabir isn’t at fault,dadaji says no u wont kabir is a culprit and police will handle this issue now and if kabir is at fault he surely will be jailed.
Viraj is trying to call nisha and worried why isn’t she picking up the call, and says why are u upset with me nisha plz plz pick up. Nisha says dadaji u always supported me last time dadaji give me 24 hrs,dadaji says kabir broke my trust so he will be punished and now u will leave virajs house and come and stay here,nisha says I wont kabir is my husband and I will be with him,dadaji asks virendra to call police,virendra says yes now he has to go jail,nisha says one minute dadaji papa I know we did a mistake by hiding the truth and I am very sorry for it and just for that and not abt jwellery thing because me and kabir did nothing,virendra says police will tell the truth,leela says kabir will go jail,nisha holds kabirs hand and says if he goes even I will go with him.
Leela says what rubbish nisha why faking,nisha says leela aunty plz be quite and dadaji kabir is my husband 3 months aren’t over and u had said husband and wife are always together,mohan says nisha what u want,nisha says 24 hrs to show the truth and after that I am ok with anything u all say even jail.dadaji walks away,nisha says kabir sourabh come along with me,sourabh goes to vimla and says I am sorry dolly isn’t at fault,virendras health goes bad,dolly says sourabh just get lost and don’t ever show me ur face,sourabh guilty looks at sumit,sumit gives him cunning smile.
Sourabh goes to nisha and says I am sorry,nisha shouts I asked u why did u do this sourabh why did u hide the truth,sourabh says I hide this from me as well I myself didn’t know abt it and nisha plz don’t take me wrong,nisha says u go I don’t want to talk to u,sourabh says nisha atleast look at me,nisha says kabir lets go,nisha and kabir leave on scooty,sourabh stands alone in tears.

PRECAP;kabir and viraj get into fight and viraj calls kabir a fraud a thief,kabir hits viraj.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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