Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha telling Shivani that she is going to sign 5 film deal with Kabir and she will get money. She says her dreams will decorate LD’s house. Shivani asks what? She says contract’s clauses and conditions are not yet decided. Radha says she will see that, but can’t let Chaturvedi Nivas go in stranger hands. Jayshree gets happy and says bye bye Chaturvedi Nivas. She says no old man, old womaniya, no Radha and no Chik chik. She calls Radha’s assistant and asks him to finalized the deal. She thinks she has to handle Neha and tights her screws.

Dada ji asks Dadi Bua, if she is tensed. Dadi bua says she has no problems and tells about Sharma ji shifting to new flat. She says it is very difficult to take care of big house and lawns. Dada ji looks on clueless. Sadhna comes and brings milk. She asks did you take his signatures. Dadi Bua says she took his signs on loan papers and gave to Jayshree. Sadhna mixes medicine in Dada ji’s milk and thinks he has to get well for making everything fine.

Everyone waits anxiously for house new owners. Dadi Bua says we have to search new house. Radha’s lawyers come and say we brought cash as per your condition. He opens the briefcase and shows the money. Jayshree gets happy and asks for its new owners. The lawyers say new owner stays in this house. Jayshree asks them not to joke. Shivani comes and says they are serious. Neha hears them. Shivani says she is not the new owner, but someone else. Everyone look at Radha as she is coming downstairs. Everyone looks in shock. Shivani asks them to welcome new owner of the house and says heroine Radha pathak has bought this money with her money.

Jayshree asks what is this nonsense. She says she sold the house to Gurmeet Singh. Radha says she is the owner of the company. LD recalls his meeting with Sardar. Neha thinks she was right and has to do something now. Jayshree thinks what did I do? I invited a snake. Banwari blames Govind for selling the house to Radha. Govind says Jayshree asked him to sign on the papers. Sadhna smiles. Jayshree says Radha’s name was not written in the papers. LD gets angry. Jayshree says Radha betrayed us. She says you didn’t do right thing. She badmouths about Radha. Radha says she knows her truth to tell others. Jayshree says elders wanted to sell the house. Radha says she knows well. Govind says our house is sold now.

Banwari says we don’t care about its owner and asks Murli to count the money. Radha stops him and says it seems you have not read about the contract clauses. Murli asks what is your game plan? Radha says you took Dada ji’s thump impression, may be you took it forcibly or may be he didn’t want to sell the house. Jayshree asks what do you want? Radha says she didn’t want Dada ji to nullify her deal, so it is clearly written in the contract that money will be kept with her in the house. She adds that they will wait for Dada ji to get well for 1 year and if he doesn’t get well then she will give the money in installments.

Shivani asks them to get the paper checked. Jayshree asks where we will stay? Radha says you don’t need to go anywhere. LD fumes. Dadi Bua and Sadhna are happy. Radha says you can stay, but have to obey my conditions. Govind refuses to oblige and says he will go. Radha says you can go after one year. Jayshree asks why you will not give us money. Radha says she can’t give guarantee to return the money if any of them leave the house. She asks them to decide and inform her so that she can plan her next step.

Shivani says whoever stays in the house have to agree for Radha’s conditions. LD shouts stop it everyone. He recalls Radha teaching him a lesson during their marriage. LD says you likes to play games. He takes her inside the room holding her hand. They recall their moments. LD asks why are you doing this? Until when you will stoop? What else do you need? Radha asks him not to over react and says it was your family’s idea to sell the house. It is just an investment for me. You sold the house then I bought it. LD asks her not to manipulate things and threatens to tell the truth to Kabir. Radha is shocked.

Radha assures Sadhna that she will make Chaturvedi Nivas like before withing 2 weeks. She says everything will happen according to her now. Sadhna smiles.

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