Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, virendra starts feeling uneasy, umesh comes in n says dad I need to talk to u,virendra gets an attack n falls on the bed, vimla sees ramesh outside the door n says wat is it ramesh why are u standing here, ramesh says umesh is talking to virendra abt aman, vimla says ramesh but, they hear umesh calling uncle come in fast, ramesh n vimla rush in, vimla says I told u umesh not to tell him, umesh says mom I didn’t, ramesh says stop it vimla get water n umesh go fast call ambulance.
Viraj licks his fingers after having food, nisha smiles looking at it n then realizes wat sourabh told her, aman says viraj bro u liked the food a lot right now see I will send some receipes for ur café as well n then u shall see people will love ur café, viraj says that’s a good idea ur officially the chef of my café, aman says ok n nisha plz get my Tiffin n leaves, nisha starts behaving weird, viraj asks wat is it miss nisha, I hope ur ok, nisha says sir I have lot of work pending n runs out, viraj says why is this girl so weird.
Virendra is admitted in an hospital, umesh looks at virendra n then looks at vimla all tensed, he offers vimla some water, vimla denies umesh starts crying, laxmi enters the room, vimla looks at her n hugs her, laxmi says everything will be fine don’t worry.
Sourabh n aman chatting, priyanka sees that n says so ur here universal behanji, u finished of ur nonsense go now, nisha says oh priyanka u know wat sir liked aman food a lot n he has appointed her as the chef off the café do visit it, priyanka says god knows wats wrong with viraj appointing middle class people n leaves, nisha says forget her its time to celebrate amans new job, nisha gets a call from laxmi telling virendra had an heart attack, sourabh asks wat is it nisha, nisha says while umesh was talking to virendra uncle abt aman he had an heart attack, sourabh says oh god,viraj comes n says miss nisha, wat is it why are u so stresses, nisha in tears says sir plz can I have a half day viraj says yes, nisha runs, viraj asks sourabh wat is it.
Ramesh tell dadaji that virendra is sleeping, dadaji asks wat did doctor say, ramesh says it was a minor heart attack n his arteries have a blockage n may be he has to go through a operation, n virendra needs to go through lot of care n shd be kept away from stress bcoz he can have an another heart attack n that can be hard on him. Ramesh calls doctor to talk abt virendra, umesh is disturbed n confused listening abt it.
Umesh says to vimla mom I didn’t talk to dad abt aman n just reached th room n dad fell down, vimla says enough umesh, n says to dadi ask this boy to go from here n umesh now return home only when u decide ur amans side or ur family n leaves, umesh says dadi trust me I didn’t talk to dad, dadi says this is a bad phase we need to stand strong n leaves, umesh gets a call from aman n she asks how is uncle, umesh starts crying n says I don’t know wat to do aman, aman says there is only one way to deal with this problems n its to end our relationship n cuts the phone.
Umesh sitting n crying, cousisn reach there n ask umesh to be strong, umesh says dad is ok, kirti says umesh everytjing will be fine keep faith, umesh says everyone thinks dad is in this state bcoz of me, trust me I didn’t tell dad abt aman, kirti says we trust u umesh we are with u, n don’t worry abt aman as well, ramesh comes n says umesh see its not time to loose courage, ur dad will be fine its time when u need to show ur responsibility, umesh says uncle did u talk to Dr. Shresta, ramesh says im calling past an hour but she is unavailable, from behind doc comes n says im doctor shresta, ramesh says oh, doc says come with me, nisha asks sourabh dad said she is unavailable then, sourabh says when viraj sir heard abt it he called the doc, nisha smiles, sourabh says ok now lets go.
Ekta anjali n priyanka in café, priyanka says without this nisha this academy looks so normal, priyanka says ley her be back n I will make her go thorugh s pain that she will never cross us, shekhar hears this n says good looks like ur shooting skills are really awesome, ur in café instead of ground, 2mins n I want to see u on ground, priyanka says sir but we aren’t in our uniforms, shekhar says that’s ur problem, I want u on ground.
Viraj searching, says dadaji plz call nisha I find no files, sham singh says sir u sent her home shd I call back, viraj says no she shd be with her family in this time n smiles, sham singh says wat is it, viraj says strange I have become so dependent on her, no worries I shall find the file by myself. Shekhar asks priyanka anjali n ekta to run in their party dresses as punishment, shekhar says ok ur done with it go get ur gears, priyanka says sir the equipments are with nisha n she has left half day today n start b*t*hing abt nisha, shekhar says call miss nisha, shekhar says miss nisha, where are shooting gears ur incharge of it I want them where are u, nisha says sir I had an emergency so I went home, shekhar says that’s not a reason don’t take ur work lightly, ur working lightly n im not viraj who allows this kind of things so plz come soon.

Vimla says to aman why are u here leave, aman says aunty plz listen to me, vimla says don’t u see bcoz u my husband is here, aman says aunty plz forgive umesh, umesh comes n says aman lets go from here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. Why giving Umesh this much of stress….poor boy struggling between his family and gf.
    Loving Viraj hairstyle…. Getting stylish day by day…. Perfectly suits the role of a Prince….oh and I can go on and on…
    The actress playing Priyanka is really cute 🙂

  3. Hey can anybody tell me whats d song played in starting of 1st dec episode.. Something like zara…. I dont know.

  4. Nice episode ..yes nisha nd priyanka r soo cute bt have jalous In priyanka’s eyes.viraj is also whats the role of new character. ..shekhar…

  5. Nishu bro I love u di ….what a cute expressions

    1. viraj is kind of ugly

  6. It’s aamazing and the episode is getting interesting day by day…….

  7. zara zara zara khoya hasta hua ye roya pagal…. This is the song played.. Ryt?? From which movie/album it is??

  8. Pata chale toh hume b batana anu :p

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