Doli Armaanon Ki 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Ishaan serves everyone pudding, that he made, but is disappointed when he gets to know that shaurya slept without tasting his pudding. He serves them all, saying that this would release their stress, as someone desperately needs it, hinting at urmi. she gets tensed. tiwari and ishaan try and lighten the mood. tiwari asks them to serve him sweets, atleast till the time, sushma doesnt come back. all are amused. urmi breaks into laughter, and he asks her to do so frequently, as she looks nice. She gets tensed. He asks her to have faith, that ishaan wont let her be defeated, and asks her to give him all the problems, and relax a little. Tiwari too agrees with ishaan. urmi thinks that he has full faith on ishaan, but she knows what kind of a person samrat is, and he would take huge step, which is completely unpredictable.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
As saroj attends to the child, she is shopcked as they find samrat and shashi happily coming in. granny welcomes them, while anu and saroj are shocked and irritated too. Asha is excited to see samrat, having come with lots of gifts. saroj is visibly tensed. Samrat and shashi come, on the pretext of congratulating them, on the child. She tries to give sweets to saroj, but she refuses to accept. granny hints her to, and saroj silently complies, resignedly. Shashi compliments the child, and asha again starts on her nonsensical banter. samrat says that since urmi doesnt want to fulfill the relations, he took it on himself, and got the child a cradle, as per ritual. Anu retorts and says that the child has another bua too, and he wont need a cradle from someone else. Shashi teasingly says that anu hasnt changed at all. samrat asks her not to worry, as a little spice is nice. Saroj is frustrated. Shashi laments about devi’s condition. samrat also wants to meet him. Granny asks annu to take him there. Samrat says that he can help himself. saroj comes in the way, saying that he is sleeping. samrat says that he would wake up then, and leaves. saroj and annu are tensed. Anu says that there’s definitely something. Saroj too complies and thinks the same. Shashi eyes them sadistically.

Scene 3
Location: In the temple
urmi expresses to rudra that she knew that noone but he would definitely come if she calls him. Rudra says that he would have come. urmi talks about the shaurya custody case. rudra asks whats the matter. Urmi talks to rudra, asking if he would be able to testify for her, and against samrat in the

court, so that she can essily get shaurya’s custody. She tries to point out that samrat just wants to win, but isnt concerned fir shaurya, and hence she is the rightful choice. Rudra asks how can he stand against his own son. urmi says that shaurya is his grandson, and doesnt he want benefit for him. Rudra says that he wants, but he wont be able to stand against samrat. urmi asks him to just speak what he knows, but not add anything for her gain. but rudra stands helpless, saying that samrat would be in a fit of rage, as whatever he says, shall go against samrat. urmi pleads him for the sake of shaurya’s well being. Rudra blesses her that she would win the case, despite his testimony. Urmi asks him to support instead of blessing. rudra apologises for not being able to help, come what may. she is disappointed, saying that she believed in him blindly, but noone else, but he too turned around and proved, that whatever he does, he is after all samrat’s father, and that there’s a huge difference between being a father and trying to be a father. She says that when a girl gets married, she marries the entire family, but the minute she walked out, all the relations got left behind too, and thats the bitter truth of society. Rudra tries to convince her, but she says that its okay, as another of her imaginations were shattered today. She leaves. he stanss embarassed.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Radha gets bon the roof, and finds samrat exercising, with weights, and gets nervous. she keeps going on with her work, catching glances at him, stealthily. samrat finds her eyeing him and is amused. He pretends to have gotten hurt, and radha impulsively reaches out, and rushes to his care, while he is amused, as she reprimands him for being carelsss with such heavy weights. samrat tells her that he got distracted, as she came in front of him, and therefore its her fault. she is surprised, and embarassed too. he holds her hand, while she is stunned and shocked. she asks him to let go of the hand, and he asks why, and if she didnt like the touch of his hand. she says that its nothing like that, and he counterasks if this means, she likes his touch. she gets nervous and is at a loss for an answer. She again says that kanchan would be angry if she sees. samrat says that he doesnt care, as once he sets his eyes on something, he doesnt let go of it. she is surprised. radha hears kancham’s hollers, and tries to wriggle. But samrat doesnt let go, and is amused at her plight. she finally bites into his hand, and he lets go. She rushes inside, while he winces in pain, amused at her ferocity to let be gone. he lustily thinks that now the predator shall enjoy much more in assaulting the prey, and be bitten in the process, time and again. He smiles evilly.

Scene 5:
Location: Jhansi court.
Urmi and ishaan arrive in the court, and he assures her that they shall definitely win the case. ishaan excuses himself for a minute, saying that he has to get some important papers. He leaves. samrat comes taunting her and saying hello, cheerfully. Urmi gets frustrated. Samrat points that its a good day, and asks why is she angry. she asks him rsignedly what does he want. he says that he is already getting what he wants, meaning her child. He asks where’s ishaan, and says that he must be collectuing evidence. He says that day, she won, and today its his turn, and says that the lawyer is going to get a loss for her. he continues to taunt her, saying that only she finds him bad, but her family finds him very good. she says that they cant do anything like that. He says that her family is standing by him, and not her. She is surprised and asks whats he trying to say. He starts smiling, and tauntingly explains whats he saying. Samrat says to urmi that today he is going to present a very trustworthy and cherished member of her family, in the court against her, from his side. He says that someone of her own family, would come and stand in the court, and prove her characterless, and testify against her, and her loss is assured, as she is going to be betrayed by her own family member, and then shaurya’s custody shall be his, neither her, nor her lover, ishaan. he sarcastically wishes her all the best, and then leaves. ishaan comes just then. urmi is stunned. Ishaan asks whats the matter. urmi tells what samrat told. ishaan is surprised. urmi wonders who is this person, as devi who always supported Samrat, is bedridden. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Urmi is tensed as niranjan presents a dramatic portrayal of one of urmi’s relatives, who shall testify about her character, and shall settle this case once and for all. He asks he judge’s permission to call her in the witness box. the judge allows. All eyes turn to find who walks in. urmi is shocked to find who is it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wondering if its Anu….cause Samrat may have told Anu that Urmi and Ishaam together and she will get jealous of Urmi and try to seek revenge….hmmm…I’m wondering.

    1. Oh God Kristelle…. I hope it’s not that…. And Anu hate Ishaan so how can she trust Samrat…? I think it’s Granny or her father in a better state..

      1. Sorry I was about to say : she hates Samrat !!

  2. It must be urmi’s granny.. tht monster also came in the court to teach her grandaughter… :[email protected] tht bastard woman…. hate her..

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Can it be saroj. Maybe that rat blackmailed her

    1. fan of the show

      Looks like you were right Dhanna Sarjoo

  4. The suspense is killing me!

  5. Its her mom ūüôĀ

    1. fan of the show

      How did you know?

  6. sorry to say another waste of time soap all the evil ones getting heir way

    1. fan of the show

      samRat’s not getting his way
      his lawyer’s not getting his way

      the two evilest peope are not getting their way so that statement is not true

  7. her father…or mother

  8. Aditi will testify against Samrat, in the future

  9. i think its the craze daterinlaw ur anu hope its nt anu

  10. its either Ganny or can’t be her mom.

  11. It must be granny.

  12. fan of the show

    It was only grandma and her son devi that favored samRat over Urmi, wasn’t it? Crazy woman’s mother ws also aganst her, too – don’t rememer her name, just that she is vey greedy

  13. it certainly has to be Saroj, she must have been Blackmailed to testify against her beloved Daughter.

  14. its urmi mom was shown in advertisement

    1. fan of the show

      ohh, so that’s how it was guessed

  15. I feel it’s going to be urmi’S mother
    Samarthanam would have blackmailed her keeping devi in mind

  16. I feel it’s going to be urmi’S mother
    Samart would have blackmailed her keeping devi in mind

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