Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , sourabh and suku tease nisha,kirti says lets quick a selfie first,suku says nisha u should have told viraj sir what gayatri did,sourabh says lets not discuss all that,suku says lets go we are late,suku says we will go first and send car for nisha and kirti,jwala tells the whole story to gangwals,elders ask is nisha ok,jwala says yes she is fine she is coming with kirti.jwala is busy thinking about why viraj wrote arti on nishas parcel.
Nisha comes home and ramesh praises her and asks is she happy,nisha says very happy.all the cousins and aman are watching nishas video,nisha says I have to go meet jwala bye,sourabh says miss nisha come down from the clouds now,jwala comes and shouts who the hell this arti is and why does viraj sir love her,jwala shows cousins the parcel and reads the note which says viraj loves arti,all look at nisha , nisha opens the parcel and finds the white dress she had worn and is in tears,and says viraj sir loves me and lost in his thoughts ,nisha hugs the dress,jwala says who is this arti and whi is her gift with her,nisha says I am arti I used to mail viraj sir as arti and viraj sir loves arti, cousins get confused. Nisha is very happy on knowing viraj loves her.

But soon nisha realizes viraj loves arti and not nisha and remembers the day when viraj rejected her and says to cousins viraj sir loves arti and not nisha,kirti says but ur only arti so he loves u,nisha says but viraj sir doesn’t know I am arti and he has rejected me and when he will learn I am arti he will reject arti as well,dolly says it may even happen that he will accept u,nisha says I don’t know what will happen,kirti says nisha don’t think so much,nisha says I had written him mails as a friend but never thought he has fallen for arti,umesh says what next,nisha says I don’t know but im going to tell him the truth now,suku sourabh says not now do it after finale,jwala says I am with u nisha.
Its umesh wedding day and all are busy with arrangements, virendra is guiding mohan and ramesh about the arrangements and sees suku roaming free and asks him to do work,vimla comes and says leave them alone and go do ur work.
Kirti and dolly and jwala are helping aman get ready,aman asks what is nisha wearing today,dolly says I don’t know she is missing from morning,aman says call her I will ask her to wear salwar kameez,dolly says no chance,kirti says she isn’t comfortable why force her,nisha is listening to this conversation, dolly says laxmi aunty always wanted to see nisha in Indian attire but nisha doesn’t listen at all and always blackouts,jwala says dolly di its back out.
Laxmi is searching and is in tension, nisha calls her,laxmi says im searching shoes dad , nisha says its unders the cupboard,laxmi turns to nisha and is shocked to see her in chudidar and hugs her and says nisha plz say relax me, laxmi takes a deep breathe and says im ok now wait here and puts a chain in nishas neck and starts crying, nisha says oh plz don’t cry and sorry I didn’t listen to u, laxmi says I would like to know how did this change happened,nisha says someone said its time to leave the past in past,ramesh enters and shocked seeing nisha and says she is so similar to my nisha,nisha hugs ramesh,ramesh sas my daughter is looking very lovely.
Aman is looking very beautiful in her moms outfit, roopan comes and says its good but,aman says its my moms outfit,roopan says very nice come down soon,dolly says aman forget all the tension and just enjoy this moment.

Kirti says to suku just imagine suku if viraj sir accepts nisha and she will mary him what a day it will be,ramesh listens this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Thanks for fast update.
    Oh my God Nishu u looked Awesome Yaar. Main Kya bolon u looked cute and hot too..Superb and Love ❤ u NISHU.
    I think Nishu soon tell ur identity to Viraj.if he knows from other side na then he will feel bad.Love u NIRAJ.❤

  2. today’s episode was just have no words…..nishu u looks awesome

  3. today’s episode was fabulous….nishu u looks awesome

  4. I am eagerly waiting for that Jealousy track yaar.After knowing Nisha is Arthi Viraj should not overreact means ghussa mat hona she was not sending you any love messages she was just helping u.pls Viraj Ghussa mat hona.u should understand u r loving her not Aarthi loved u.
    I have written what I feel it is not to hurt any1.

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  15. wow yaar u look beautiful.what ever u wear ur just stunning us lot.totally it was superb by day it going interesting.nishu u always rocks the screen.and thank for fast update tanaya.

  16. I don’t get to watch nauc; feeling miserable

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  20. the paper in which viraj wrote I LOVE YOU AARTI fell down and no one noticed it. I think that may be the key letter by which Viraj comes to know that Arti is Nisha…..I m waiting for that moment eagerly……..

  21. nishu looks cute in her dress now…pls don’t wear that torn jeans and boring tops…pls…now you looks feminine and cute…

  22. In sbs,it was shown that ramash wil stop nishu from telling artis truth to viraj.

  23. wow superb episode

  24. viraj and nishu looking so so so cute

  25. hi sis tumhe kya lagta hai ki nauc me aage kya hoga

  26. hi sis…mene ek site par pada ki gayathri ko arti ki sach pata chalegi aur wo viraj se jaakar kahegi.


    Present track shows that gayatri has came to know that viraj lovas aarti in nisha aur uske cousins.Gayatri has also findout that aarti has connection with nisha and her cousins.Gayatri ask her daughter priyanka to find out about aarti.
    Only nisha and her cousins know that aarti is none other than nisha.
    Nisha is talking to viraj as aarti and thinks that viraj loves her.
    Everything is going well but gayatri’s spy nature will soon find out the truth of aarti.
    Gayatri hates nisha and she will try to develop hate corner in viraj’s heart too by revealing aarti’s truth.
    Lets see what will viraj’s reaction after knowing aarti’s truth.

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