Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,roopan at breakfast table asks mohan wat amt is decided to give dolly, mohan says this decision is virendars how will i tell that,roopan says i think the amt shd not be less than 70000 mohan says 70000 would be very difficult for ramesh to manage, umesh brings poha for breakfast mohan thanks him n roopan blesses him, umesh says i will be happy when these blessings come when i open my own restaurant , virendra searches for a girls photo for umeshs wedding, vimla asks him to slow down n first finish of with dollys wedding n asks him to decide abt the shagun money n asks him to decide the amt keeping laxmi n rameshs situation in mind, virendra asks for breakfast umesh slowly keeps it on table so that virendra doesn’t see him,rukhmavati finds the girls photo n shows it to umesh n says guess this is for u , umesh looks at the pic n says ur photo has enterd this house but u will never, umesh takes breakfast to dadajis room n by mistake dadaji sees the photo, virendra comes to discuss abt the photo, umesh tells dadi that there is confusion n this girl is not the one he loves, dadi assures umesh that she will handle the situation, dadi tells dadaji that abt the marriage first umesh shd give confirmation, dadaji says umesh shd do wat his elders say n this is wat his elders have also done, dadi says except ramesh n his choice is not wrong laxmi handles the house like her other 2 sisters infact with that she helps ramesh financially as well,dadaji says thats bcoz he was lucky, dadi says thats not fair if he does something right its his luck n wrong its his habbit, dadi says look lets bet i think umesh doesn’t like this girln if i win u will not talk abt his marriage until i say to do so, dadaji agrees.umesh goes to nisha on terrace, nisha asks umesh why is he so upset just bcoz he is in love but thats the good thing, umesh says dad has started hunting for girls for me to get married n i don’t want to get married first restaurant then love but if i tell this arguments will begin n then most imp thing the girl i love is not jain, nisha says how exciting wat is her name, meanwhile vimla calls umesh down, vimla ties a good luck charm n umeshs hand, umesh asks vimla to chill n for now concentrate on dolly, dolly gets upset with umesh abt not telling her abt his girlfriend n insists him to meet her, umesh says not now he needs some time n wants to wait for the right time.

Dadi n dadaji gather cousins together dadaji says dolly wedding will soon take place n then time by time u all will get married too so i would like to know if u people have any problem if the elders select ur life partner, n asks umesh wat is his take on it, umesh fumbles a bit n says as u wish dadaji, kirti replies the same, dadji turns to suku n says abt this guy i will inform before handed to be accepted at own risk,jwala abt to reveal umeshs secret is stopped by suku n says but dadaji kirti is gonna runaway n get married thats her dream,kirti says i was joking nisha said she will runaway, nisha says i will run not for marriage but from marriage, suku kirti get into argument kirti says suku always lie even umesh lies, dadaji says wat did umesh lie abt virendra comes in kirti says dadaji umesh has a girlfriend n leaves the room, dadji gets angry n leaves the room, umesh yells at kirti nisha tries to calm umesh umesh says i will never tell u guys who my girlfriend id bcoz u all are not worth it.

Cousins hunt for the perfect guy for nisha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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