Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman bringing Ishita to buy a gift. Snhe says she knows his gifting sense, tooth brush, bathrobe……..She sits in the car and says don’t be overconfident thinking he will buy gift for her everytime. Mihika takes care of Mihir and brings his fav Chinese food for him. He holds her hand and says its ok if I did not get your hand made food, but wear that dress you wore that day, I will get fine. He insists and she asks him to have food. She thinks of him talking to his sister on phone. She brings a card in cookie box and asks him to read it. He reads to share the deepest secrets with his loved one. She asks him his secret. Mihir says Mihika, I want to tell you I really love you a lot. She says its not a secret. He says I know, and don’t want to tell you, sorry. She hugs him.

Ishita comes home and says no one taught Raman any manners, no sorry, no thanks, after getting an award. Mihika calls her and asks her to come out. Ishita says I won’t. Mihika says please come out for a min. Ishita goes out and asks what. Raman shows the name board. Ishita is shocked seeing her name outside the Bhalla house, below OmPrakash Bhalla name board. Its Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla. Raman gives his reasoning that he wants to clear that she stays in his house. He taunts and Mihika says he is so funny. He leaves. Mihika says he is so sweet, look at it. She says his tongue should also be sweet. Ishita smiles looking at the name board. Saaari fizaaon me hai…………….. She touches it. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………………plays…………….She gets tears of happiness.

Romi comes to Sarika’s locality and heads to her home to talk to her mum. Sarika’s mum thinks he is someone else and asks him to come. Romi thinks how does she knows I m coming, did Sarika tell him. The lady takes him to the kitchen and shows the water leakage from the tap. She asks him to check it. Romi says me, what can I do. She says then what type of plumber are you. He thinks plumber, so she got me here, I should have wore good clothes. He says I m stuck, I have to do something, start taking Mata’s name.

Sarika talks to her mum. Her mum says a plumber came and is unable to make it fine since 30mins. She comes to see and sees water all over the kitchen. She asks what was he doing. He holds his ears and apologizes. He leaves. She gets angry. Ishita tells her Iyer family what Raman did. They are really happy. She says I did not tell him anything and he did it by his own. Vandu and Amma say our names should also be there. Appa says Raman has made all husband stuck. Appa says learn from Raman how to give importance to wife. They have a laugh.

Iyer and Bhalla have dinner together. Parmeet looks on enjoying the food. Simmi gives him hot puris. Amma says our pandit said Mihir and Mihika’s marriage should be postponed. Soumya says she will go Chennai and come when date is fixed. Parmeet asks Amma to give water. Amma gives angry expression. He asks again. She keeps the glad on the table. Raman comes and sees Appa and Mr. Bhalla talking about society maintenance, increase it to get a new parking lot. Raman says we have 3 cars. Parmeet says even I have a car, its good idea. Parmeet says I have money to Mrs. Bhalla, as some families can cry, I mean if there are so many people here, expenses can increase, why to burden you all. Raman says if you gave money to my mum, why are you showing off. Parmeet says no, nothing like that, I gave 30000rs.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she take. She says he gave me in my hand, I did not ask. Raman asks her to bring it. Raman asks Iyers not to go, as Parmeet is an outsider here. Simmi jumps to argue. Ishita stops Raman. Raman gives money to Parmeet. Parmeet says I m giving as I have self esteem. Raman broaden your self esteem, see around, its five bedroom house, if you take it on rent, it will be costly, you can become paying guest, if you want to stay here, then show off well, give me Rs 65000, I m asking for food and electricity, you will pay rent every month till you stay here, if you want to pay less, 5000 less, 60000rs fine, double than your status. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to take 60000 from Parmeet, get more 30000, else you will get as much as you pay, sorry, have food, shall I get more puris, today’s food is free from my side. Parmeet gets angry bearing the insult.

Simmi cries as Raman insulted Parmeet. He says Raman is money minded man, he is dying to get money. He asks her not to worry, as he will get money and throw on Raman’s face tomorrow. She hugs him. Parmeet thinks Raman feels he can’t arrange money, Simmi will not digest this, I can get money easily. Its morning, Ishita and Raman talk and she says she dropped Ruhi. She says what asked money from Parmeet, how will Simmi feel, we have to expose Parmeet but not hurt Simmi, she should maintain her trust, I think he will fill her ears against us.

He says its not about money, but his self esteem, will he bed to Ashok, we have to show Simmi his truth, if he gets money by hard work or from Ashok. You know Parmeet is not good, make Simmi tell Parmeet to work hard and not beg money from Ashok, if he does, he will change and its good, else he is still bad and our work is fine. She smiles and says Tulsi and Parvati, you think like Tv’s bahu. He says he can just talk, you do the effects. He leaves. She says poor Kud Kud Kumar. She says if I praise him, he will get high.

Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks why was she quiet when Raman insulted Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing like this. Simmi argues and says why should we pay rent, are we outsiders, everyone is listening just Ishita. Ishita comes and hears them. She says she heard everything, she fought with Raman, but I felt its good, Simmi got a chance to prove her husband change, Parmeet is a self esteemed man, he is responsible for Simmi and his daughter.

Ishita winks to Mrs. Bhalla and says try to understand, we got Parmeet here, but he should prove he can give good status to Simmi, he should pay it himself, not taking from someone else. Raman feels Parmeet will beg from Ashok, but Parmeet should give his hard earned money. Simmi thinks. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to tell Parmeet not to take money from Ashok, else Raman will get a chance, make him get money on his own. Simmi thinks Ishita is right, Parmeet should shut Raman’s mouth by his own money. Ishita smiles succeeding in brain washing of Simmi.

Parmeet tells Ishita so you did all this, igniting fire, don’t think I m anything less. He leaves. She smiles and says she knows him, he is a number one type creep.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankyou

    1. Awesome….thanyou amena(once again) 🙂 🙂

  2. I jst hte Simmi nd param.xpose parm as sn as posble.

  3. Ohoh Raman Giftng ishu a nam plate.ohoh.flng lv fr ishu.

  4. Gud 9t al ISHRA FANS.YHM ROCKS.wid lt of luv ANASH.

  5. raman is just giving gift by gift to ishitha and that idiot param is getting insulted every now and then . awesome .

  6. It ws an oki episode nt bad hpng ishra gonna doon reveal parmeet truth to simmi

  7. Hai friends. Iam from Hyderabad and I love YHM a lot.
    This show have been dubbed in Telugu also

    1. Haha aaliya from beintehaa is there as well

    2. Namasthe priyanka Garu…l am also Telugu here…aren’t u the one who used to post comments on ek haseena thi…

      1. harshitha reddy

        hello…here cumzz an other telugu gal….nen kuda hyderabadi ni…….

  8. Is there any tamil people becoz iam from tamilnadu i am watching this show in both telugu and hindi from the starting the only which could not be boring for me i luv ishra guys and i luv ruhi also and i kept name for ruhi as rootie pie and for raman romantic killer.and for ishu the same ishimaa.

    1. harshitha reddy

      hey…do u undrstand telugu…??

  9. Yeah nenu telugu mataldu

  10. Hi I’m from Tamil Nadu.. I am really mad on ths she and read regular telly updates watch repeatedly in YouTube and tv.. Even same episode twice or all 3 times the episode is being telecasted … Ishita and raman rocks the show

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