Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla says that the truth is dolly n her mother in law have some problems, when I and virendra went to meet dolly we saw all that happened n how dolly is being misunderstood n so was virendra tensed n had an heart attack n so plz lets not discuss this topic until sumit comes back, all leave one by one.

Ramesh goes to dadaji, ramesh says dad everything will be alright, nisha comes n asks dadaji shall I join the classes, dadaji says nisha I always want u all to be happy n have good ethics n culture n an happy family but I think I wished a lot, ramesh says its ok all will be normal soon, dadaji says look at our house all are in pain n in this condition I don’t thonk I will allow nisha as it wont be right, ramesh says plz give nisha one chance may be she has an hidden talent, dadaji says no I don’t want to put nisha in pain n so I don’t want her to join the shooting n that’s my final decision.
Sham singh gives viraj gun by which viraj won all his medals, viraj says from today nisha will practice with this, gayatri enters n says nice but ur student hasn’t arrived she is late, viraj says whatever but reason behind nisha being late as she doesn’t keep partying all night like priyanka.
Sourabh gets a call from suku saying nisha wont be coming, sourabh informs viraj about it.nisha gets a call from viraj but nisha doesn’t pick it up, all cousins go to nisha n ask her why she didn’t go to academy, nisha says I don’t feel like, jwala says nisha plz go we will talk to dadaji, nisha goes to dolly n says dolly di don’t be sad, dolly says this is always happening we do mistakes n u have to pay for it, nisha says no its not that n don’t talk to dadaji he is already tensed, aman says u know what nisha we all are fighting our own battles n u are our inspiration n if u lose it how will we survive.roopan comes n ask jwala to come along with her n go to school, jwala says I wont be attending school, roopan says don’t stay with these people , jwala says stop it mom why are u doing this cant u see we cousins happy together why did u talk to dadaji, roopan says stop it or else, jwala says what stop this is the reason no one tells u anything bcoz u cant keep any secrets , roopan abt to hit jwala umesh n cousins stop her, roopan leaves angrily n so do others.
Aman says to umesh, our one lie has led to so many problems, umesh says I know but, aman says how long should I stay this way I understand we cant tell ur dad but why not dadaji what if he gets to know from someone else , umesh says ohk we will talk to dadaji.
Roopan says to mohan lets go to dadaji n tell everything n then he will no everyones true colours, mohan says stop it do u have sense u want to complaint abt aman the one bcoz of whom ur daughter is safe today n so let me tell u, u wont tell anything to dadaji first take care of ur family n then interfere into others business n instead of spoiling umesh future think abt kirtis future n leaves.roopan says im doing it for kirti only.
Ramesh calls laxmi n asks how is nisha,laxmi says she went to academy for her job, ramesh see kids-suku jwala dolly,dadaji asks what are u doing here, jwala says dadaji I wont be attending school from today will stay home n learn household courses, dadaji says oh so nisha sent u, dolly says no she doesn’t know abt it, we are here to ask u if we girls are to be made life only after marrying why do we need to go to school, ramesh says ur taking it wrong u are sent to school so that u have ur unique ness n lear abt it, jwala says then why nisha isn’t allowed to shoot, dadaji says its all nonsense marriage defines u, dolly says if this was so why am I not hapy plz give nisha a chance may be that’s her future n she will be very happy doing it n when she will be happy the person who will be satisfied the most is u,dadaji says I wont change my decision go away.

Viraj goes to gangwal shop to meet dadaji, dadaji says so u are here as well for nisha, viraj says no im here to take u along with me n show u something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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