Fanaah 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarthak comes to Yamini and says that I want to tell you something which no one knows about as well. He tells her about the drug he took and says that now I feel better and those drugs don’t work on me now. Yamini thinks that maybe the antidote is working and Sarthak says that I am telling you this so that you don’t think that I am a bad guy. Yamini says that I know that you are not a bad guy and it is good that you are feeling better. Sarthak goes in a corner and calls a person and asks for help about recording a data. The person tells him about the app and he says that once I get this app on Yamini’s phone then she will lead me to Vivan.
Saher is leaving with Ranbir when she gets a call from her brother who is coming to pick her up. She tells him that she has left the college and will come home soon. He agrees and she goes on foot and tells Ranbir to leave otherwise Samir will see him.
Yamini is still working on some files but can’t reach the top. Sarthak comes and helps her with the files but on the other hand downloads the app on her phone. Sarthak says to her that the more I know about you the more I want to. He says that you supported me without judging me and I am being pulled towards you. She says that there is nothing like that and says that I only want to protect myself. Sarthak apologizes and says that I know about your past and I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable.
Vivan gets into an elevator and Avani is also there, he starts to annoy her as soon as he sees her. Another girl comes in saying that I was just coming to you while he says that why aren’t you leaving me alone. She says that first you liked me when I was around but now, I miss you. The elevator gets stuck again and Vivan says that he has a history with this elevator. He asks the girl her name again and says that I am bored of you so stay away from me.
The girl says that I loved you but you used me. Vivan says that I am tired of this conversation and tells her to go find someone else. Avani says that this is what Vivan would have also done to me. Avani leaves the elevator, while Vivan thanks the girl and the person closing the elevator. He tells the both of them two leave before anyone sees them.
Samir comes and sits with Rose and after arguing she tells him to remember her number so that he can call her through the P.C.O. Samir remembers something while Rose slaps as he always leaves. Samir says that he just had to call his sister and asks for Rose’s phone. He gives Rose the number and Rose says that I know this number as this belongs to my friend. She says that this is a medical college and she is my batch mate. Smair gets mad and is surprised and Rose says that I told you about this all the time. She says that this is all very confusing while Samir figures it out.
Samir asks Rose for a picture of the girl and Rose shows it to him. Samir says that this is not my sister while Rose says that I thought I just revealed someone’s secret. She says that you are so scary while Smair says that show me your phone and says that it is my entire fault as the number is wrong. He then says that this is your secret as you lied to everyone at home.
Avani comes and sits in the class with the rest of the students and thinking about what just happened. Rose says that this is all horrible and I am doing a New Year party for the first time. Ranbir also agrees with her while Joe says that only the right people are required and we will party at night in this hospital. Avani says that are you all mad as he is giving you crazy ideas and you are agreeing with. She reminds him to what happened with Prateek and tells Joe to keep his ideas.
Yamini also agrees with Avani while Sarthak says that we should do a party though I am not a fan. Rose says that I will call Samir and invites him. He says that I will confirm in a moment as I have a call on wait. Ranbir asks of what Samir said and Rose tells him what he said. Prateek says that finish your work and we will start the party in two hours.
Dr.Nizaam instructs Yamini on the patients and she starts to work. While doing so Sarthak comes and says that I was just wondering that we could do the preparations together as the party is in the hospital. He then asks her not to tell anyone about him and Yamini says that your secrets are safe with me. She leaves saying that I have to see patient while Sarthak says that I know you have went to call Vivan but I all I have to see is that if the app is working.

Precap: The students are enjoying the party while Samir says to his mother that he will come soon. His mother says that she has gone to her friend’s wedding while Samir says that she has but we will come together.

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