Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, umesh tells his parents that he likes a girl, vimla gets shocked she asks who is she n why didn’t he never told them anything abt the girl,nisha says to dadaji that she did wat she could n yells at the waiter for not making golgappes properly, dadaji says how bad it feels when someone dosent do wat we wish , nisha says she tried but she doesn’t like all this girly things, dadaji says but u will need to wear this when u get married, nisha says i don’t want to get married ,dadaji says everyone says this but if u get married u have to adjust with somethings, nisha says marriage shd be out of love n not adjustments,dadaji says adjustment n changes are part of our lives learn to enjoy them n people are lucky from whom there are some expectations.
Umesh tells vimla that he met the girl at a local restaurant n they are in love with eachother n want to get married n are in relationship for past 2 years,umeshs dad abt to hit him is stopped by nisha he asks nisha does she know why is he hitting him, nisha says yes bcoz he danced in lehnga , nisha gets in argument but dadi comes in n scolds them saying guest are here n ask them to go n join the function. Nisha asks umesh the reason behind the scoldings umesh tells her hes got a girlfriend nisha congratulates him n says i need to go n tell this to other siblings.
Dollys mother in law praises her n says shes looking beautiful,n says look at my saree it costs 2 lakh, jwala whispers in dollys ears , aunty still has price tag on saree its 50000 shes lying, suku calls everyone n says now we are gonna have roopan aunties performance,nisha tries telling cousins abt umeshs girlfriend but no one listens to her, dollys mother in law(leela ) joins roopan in her dance,umesh thanks dadi for saving him from his dad, nisha goes to sourabh to tell abt umesh girlfriend but he ignores as well, kirti finds her mothers dance embarrassing n asks her dad to stop her,laxmi asks suku to stop the music, kirti gets a message n she leaves with sourabh, ramesh announces the next performance of dolly n summit.
Cousins gather on terrace,kirti asks why are they here suku says nisha is gonna runaway with a guy, kirti says to nisha that she knew this would happen n nisha lied saying she doesn’t believe in love,nisha tells kirti suku is joking n tells them abt umeshs girlfriend,hearing this jwala n sourabh congratulate umesh but suku n kirti start making fun of umesh,suku says wats the big deal i have a new girlfriend everyday,nisha asks suku not to make fun of umesh feelings, kirti asks nisha not to be an emotional fool n says ur doing this bcoz after dolly u need a new support n umesh is u new target,n also nisha is the one who spoilt my dance, umesh says i made fool of myself wearing a lehnga n u are worried abt ur dance, kirti says see nisha he is already on ur side, umesh says nisha forget them this kirti n suku change their partners every now n then, suku n umesh get into argument,jwala gets upset n yells at them n says u peple need to grow up.

Dolly n sumit get too close while dancing, ramesh says surely they gonna kiss.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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