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VB asks Chakrapani about what happened outside. You both shouldn’t have come from there. If they both fight this time then they wont so much as even look at each other. Chakrapani apologizes to her. You too would have come from there if you would have seen Phool’s face. Phool comes running there. She takes Ajabde and Pratap’s name. VB starts scolding Chakrapani thinking that the whole thing has been ruined. Phool interrupts her and shares the good news with them. Chakrapani boasts of his prediction. I knew it was going to happen. They all go inside to tell it to everyone else.

Pratap is walking while Ajabde is following him. She knows that he is angry with her but he is not relenting. She stops him and stands before him. If you make me walk longer then I wont look good in our engagement and if that happens then Phool won’t let me go there. She finally holds her ears. He confirms yet again if she is ready for alliance. He wants a straight answer or he will resume walking and promise this time you won’t be able to catch me. She was fumbling earlier but then admits it. I want to marry you. He smiles. They both share an eye lock with the sweet music playing in the background.

US has agreed to stay back for another day. Maldev is really grateful to him for it. We both know the reason behind it. He comes to the point – Phool and Pratap’s engagement. We must start the preps. I know that you would have already made preps for Ajabde-Toranmal’s engagement but the preps will be grand for my Phool. She is a princess after all.

Chakrapani tells Pratap and Ajabde that Phool has gone inside to tell everyone that they have agreed for their alliance. Pratap and Ajabde are taken aback. Ajabde turns to go inside and she doesn’t know how will Phool tell everyone but then stops. She too is upset with Chakrapani that he dint stop her. how can I talk to everyone about my own engagement? Poor Chakrapani! He says when Pratap dint say anything then how can I say it. She tells him that he anyways doesn’t say anything. Pratap calls it all a lie. I have told you everything. Pratap and Ajabde sweetly fight over it. Chakrapani runs away as it is the best option for him right now. Pratap and Ajabde talk about how they have shared everything with each other. Finally he is caught as he utters that she doesn’t need to know everything. He looks at her speechlessly.

US requests Maldev not to use insulting words for Mamrak ji. He is not just my brother but my friend as well. Mamrak ji supports Maldev. Maldev dint intend to hurt US. Uma Devi is excited to see Phool’s reaction. Just then Phool comes running there. She doesn’t let anyone speak. Uma Devi reprimands her for talking like that in front of elders. DB tells her to wait till her bade daata finishes talking. Maldev has given ample freedom to Phool. I always listen to her first. He tells her to speak up. Phool tells the good news to everyone. Maldev is angry. You told me that you wanted to marry Pratap which is why I brought you here. When I am trying to fulfil your wish you are actually getting happy over the fact that Pratap and Ajabde have agreed for the marriage. Agreed you are still a kid but marriage is not a game that people can change their decisions every now and then. Maldev Singh’s decisions cannot change. Only Phool will marry Pratap. He leaves from there in a huff. US is miffed too. Phool assures him that she knows it well as to how to handle her bade daata. I also know that he will never say no to me for anything.

Maldev tells Phool that he has always fulfilled her wishes and she is repaying him like this. First you showed an inclination to marry someone who actually belongs to our enemy state. I agreed for it even though US married the girl I had wanted to marry in the first place. I agreed for your sake and overlooked my insults. I came here in Bijolia and got down on my knees in front of my enemy for your sake and you are actually planning to make Ajabde marry Pratap? Am I nothing for you? She justifies his anger as he is right. But you also know that they both are made for each other. You would have realised it in Chittor only at the time of that play. Maldev remembers the incident. You overlooked it for my sake thinking that you can get Pratap’s love for me with time as nothing has been impossible for you ever. Do you want your Phool to gain someone’s love with your help? Uma Devi looks at them in shock. Maldev is sure Pratap will forget Ajabde if he marries her while she is double sure that it wont happen. You very well know Pratap. He is not like that. I know you had to be insulted because of me but what I did wasn’t easy for me too. I was doubtful as well but when I saw them together they both had a very pure smile on their faces. That cleared all my doubts. I may like Pratap but he only likes Ajabde. Ajabde feels the same way. The best thing would be to get them both married with each other. Its good that I understood everything at the right time. Please bless them both. Uma Devi tries to make Maldev understand that Phool is getting swayed in emotions. She is a kid she wouldn’t understand but we know what this relation will mean for Marwar and Mewar. US has already promised you. I want you to use it to your advantage. Pratap will have to abide by it as well. This is the right time to get Phool engaged with Pratap. Maldev cannot force Phool if she has decided that Ajabde will get engaged with Pratap. Uma Devi is shocked while Phool gets happy. he remarks that he has changed himself with time but not this much that just anyone can change / challenge his decision, especially not her (Uma Devi). He tells Phool that he is not concerned with any emotions whatsoever. I hope that you wont regret you decision ever.

Akbar talks about Bairam Khan’s punishment. A traitor has to be punished in front of the whole army. This will spread my message to everyone clearly. I can make or break anyone. He recalls what happened at Ajmer and Alwar and how Bairam Khan lied to him all along. The sword should be rough so that the traitor should writhe in pain. He should feel the pain even after his death.

Pratap seeks blessings from Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai. They are really blessed to have him as their SIL. Mamrak ji had never dreamt of it while Hansa Bai remarks that this is what she has been dreaming of since she saw them both together. US points out to Pratap that this is how a husband and wife fight over their marriage. They disagree over almost everything. This is nothing. You will understand everything once you get married. Chakrapani supports him. there is no greater problem in life than marriage. JB wants to know the reason of his smile. This never used to happen before. He is left speechless and everyone smiles at this. Hansa Bai asks for his help in making preps for the marriage. He has to go to Kashi. I had taken a mannat that if Ajabde and Pratap agree for their wedding then I will take a dip in the holy water of Ganga and pray for their happy married life. Finally they have agreed. I thought to rush out before they change their mind. Pratap is touched. He hugs his friend. Chakrapani promises to come back asap.

Phool announces Ajabde’s arrival (as Mewar’s to be DIL). Pratap feels shy. He tries to take Chakrapani outside on the pretext of showing him the way out of Bijolia but Chakrapani knows it well. Everyone smiles at Pratap’s shyness. JB asks him about it. He is feeling tensed. I never felt this way even when I was fighting with Mughals. JB smiles.

Rukaiyya Begum’s arrival is announced. He dismisses his courtesans telling them to make sure that no one can come near him, including Rukaiyya. They all leave. Rukaiyya greets him. he is angry with her for showing up at his darbar without his permission. She agrees that she came without seeking his permission but the matter is about someone who is innocent and who is getting humiliated publically. If I would have stopped at this moment then I would not have been able to save him. He cannot believe it that she actually thinks that she has a right to request him to change his decision. She stands there unfazed. I saw the tears in your eyes when you were announcing your decision. Your throat caught up too. I can see the real face behind your mask. You will cry badly after your Khan Baba’s death. You are in pain too. You too are not at peace. He calls for someone but she stops the soldiers warning them to be prepared of the consequences for taking another step. I am talking to my husband and I have no weapon with me. get out of here asap. They bow down before them and leave. She again tries to make Akbar understand. Life seldom gives us a chance to think before doing something, especially a rare chance before making a killing. Our mind doesn’t let our heart speak. Thankfully this wont happen in Khan Baba’s situation. Your heart knows it very well that Khan Baba did it all for your safety but your mind is thinking something else altogether. Just like parents do something for their kids to protect them and unintentionally hurt them, similarly Khan Baba would have crossed his limits in the process. He retorts that he isn’t a kid to which she agrees. But he cannot understand it like me. he has raised you up, he has taught you to walk, horse ride, fight and has stood in front of you like a shield at times of war. It might be that he forgot that you have grown up now or that he has become small.

A soldier opens the gates for Bairam Khan. He gets up and comes out of it as they have to proceed towards the darbar for his punishment.

Ajabde comes with Phool. US appreciates Ajabde. Pratap has chosen the apt girl for himself who can fight back in the hour of need. Ajabde declines. JB teases Ajabde about how she refused US’s proposal as well. Ajabde recalls the incident worriedly. She apologizes to US and folds her hand. She turns to Pratap asking him to say something but he is at a loss of words. Hansa Bai praises him that he always follows what his parents say to him unlike you. Even Mamrak ji joins his wife in teasing their daughter. Phool puts a stop at it or Ajabde will cry. Hansa Bai feels emotional. She is super lucky to get a groom like Pratap. Phool turns it around. pratap is lucky to have my friend as his wife. Pratap agrees with her and everyone laughs at his reaction. Phool moves to a corner and feels sad at the turn of events.

Rukaiyya tells Akbar how her Ammi read Quran-e-sharif the whole night when I was coming here. I asked her why a king’s wife should fear for anything but fear was all over her face. No king can see his wife in pain. But parents are always worried for their kids. Therefore I am making a request to you. Parents forgive their children’s mistakes their entire lives but if we kids get such an opportunity then we shouldn’t lose it. forgive Khan Baba. He stays put. I don’t change my decisions for anyone. Rukaiyya Bi is worried.

Bairam Khan comes to the darbar all handcuffed. He addresses the people who are present there. Whatever is happening with me today shouldn’t affect your dedication for your king at all. You should always follow your duty of abiding by your king’s word and taking care of our kingdom. It might be that what he is doing today might be wrong in your eyes but whenever God takes our test we get scared / worried. But he does everything for a reason / for our good only. Similarly a king always does what is right for us and our kingdom. Just like he does everything to protect you all, you too should do everything to safeguard him from any perils. He chants praises for Akbar. Long live our king!

DB comes to Ajabde’s room to find that letter. She is surprised to hear Ajabde’s voice. Can I help you Choti Ma? DB says she has been looking for something. Maybe I left it in some other room. Ajabde shows her the letter asking her if she is looking for this. Why did you lie to me? DB knows that the truth is out now. Honestly speaking I feel that Phool did the wrong thing by backing off. You both are kids and cannot see what’s good for your land. We elders can understand it better. Phool and Pratap’s marriage will be beneficial for the whole Rajputana. Akbar is gaining power day by day. You also know Maldev ji’s anger. If he bows down and joins Akbar to seek revenge from Mewar then what will you do? Will you be able to save Pratap? No! don’t take me wrong just try to understand the meaning of my words. Even beauty has a limit. Pratap is young right now but how will you hold him back with your beauty when he will grow up? He will wander here and there like his father. Ask JB how she feels when Rana ji comes to my room. Do you want to live a life like that? Do you really want to live such a painful life? If you agree with me then the ones who deserve each other should marry each other. I am talking about Phool and Pratap’s marriage. Ajabde gives her a befitting reply. I too know Maldev ji somewhat. He is not a traitor. He wont join hands with Akbar to fight with his own people. He can waiver from his love for his land for a while but Phool is there to show him the right path. Just like she showed him the right path at the time of Burga Khan. And about Pratap wandering around, I don’t worry about it. if the feelings are pure and respect is there then there can be no problem in married life. You have an example of Rani Ma and Rana ji. I take her as my ideal. I know Pratap too. Whatever will happen will happen for good and with mutual consent! I know you don’t like me and think of me to be nothing but now I am going to get married to Pratap. Your perspective will change and I too will get your blessings. She folds her hands before her and greets her. DB walks away from there in a daze.

Bairam Khan’s chains are removed. He smiles as he takes his position. Akbar goes upstairs to oversee it with Rukaiyya Bi, his mom and Mahamanga following her. Rukaiyya continues to plead him to forgive Bairam Khan. You will be at peace then. Please change your decision. See how calmly he is accepting his punishment for you. He has made this army which is here only. He can instigate them against you if he wants to but he is not doing anything like that as he is not a traitor. He is a well wisher. She asks Mahamanga to say something. Jalal’s mother too doesn’t want him to kill Bairam Khan. I support Rukaiyya Bi. Your dad used to think the same. He trusted Bairam Khan the most. Akbar gets thinking. Akbar keeps looking at Bairam Khan while the executioner raises his sword to kill Bairam Khan.

Precap: Akbar is getting his army ready so that he can attack Rajputana. He is ready to wait till Mehmood Shah’s army joins him. Mehmood Shah hates Pratap as much as I hate him. Ajabde tells Phool to marry Pratap. Phool will only say yes for their wedding. A girl walks in veil towards Pratap. The narrator raises a curiosity about the bride.

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