Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,nisha says dadaji these are ur decisions, dadaji says yes they are u have to follow mine n ur parents word until u proof ur capability of taking decisions, nisha says wat abt our dreams dadaji says no one is taking u away from ur dreams u have to be patient and for now suku join shop tomorrow n help ur elder brother, suku says dadaji i want to go for acting, dadaji says but u don’t work on that few years back ur dad tried as well but failed n ask him wat was right for him, n abt joining shop ur parents have agreed to it, umesh ur given sukus responsibility n now nisha wat abt u , nisha says u haven’t given any choice, dadaji says ur day starts with defending n protecting ur cousins n ends with the same n thats were u go wrong, nisha says caring for my siblings isn’t bad in my opinion n this is bcoz u have taught us nothing is greater than family, dadaji says but now its me only who is going to separate u from ur family n in that context im fixing ur engagement with ritesh nisha smiles n says its ur decision u told me i heard it but without me i think there wont be any marriage , dadaji says time will decide all these things n fix it accordingly n leaves.
Cousins ask nisha wat will she do now,nisha says abt dadaji i don’t know but i know ritesh will never agree to marry me, kirti says nisha is right n leaves.
Roopan gets upset abt ritesh n nisha n asks mohan to look after kirti as well as such good guy couldn’t be kirtis now, kirti enters roopan goes to her n says u kirti wat are u doing no need of any degree in fashion designing, start thinking abt ur marriage mohan says nisha is also my daughter like kirti n dadaji must have chosen ritesh for her for some good reason for sure, roopan gets angry n says how can u take this so lightly, kirti says stop it i deserve the best if ritesh isn’t for me he isn’t the best n leaves, roopan says see my kids don’t like me, mohan says thats bcoz ur interested in suku n nisha then them.
Suku gets angry on dadajis decision of asking him to join umesh, while laxmi offers her food he yells at her listening to this ramesh gets angry n scolds suku saying she is ur mother n not ur maid , suku says whatever i wont go to shop, laxmi say swat will u do then, suku says i want to go to umbai for acting profession, laxmi says wat have u done right here that we have to trust u n send to Mumbai, suku says this is wat happens here if someone wishes to do something he is asked to quite it, ramesh says see suku theres nothing in that field i have tried n badly failed, suku says but have not give me a chance, i know u people are tensed but its all abt nisha n never me, ramesh says we do care for u, suku says if u did u would have said to dadaji that suku will fulfil his dreams but u didn’t bcoz ur scared n i don’t want to be like u, ramesh slaps suku, suku walks off the room.
Dadi asks dadaji why aren’t u giving children a chance n asking them to follow what u say, let them take there decisions make mistakes after all we learn from our mistakes, dadaji says in that case let me make one mistake of taking decisions let me learn from mistakes as well n don’t forget i had given ramesh a chance n see wat he has done to himself n i don’t want his kids to do the same mistakes.
Laxmi goes to suku to console him ,suku says see its clear im not gonna join shop n if u force me i shall jump from here,umesh listens to this, laxmi says to suku do wat u want to don’t think abt me n leaves , umesh stops her n asks her to calm down, n says stay here n see i shall handle suku, umesh goes to suku n says shd i push u down, suku gives him a sarcastic look, umesh says u want to be a star for that u need money so join shop earn ur money for ur dreams n then go by ur own , suku says that will take too long , umesh says see its a secret i have joined a cooking school it will take 3 hrs n if u save me in these 3 hrs in shop i will give 20% of my salary, suku agrees to it n decides to join umesh in shop.
Dolly video calls cousins while chatiing dolly informs kirti umesh n jwala that ritesh likes nisha, nisha listens to this n starts laughing , dolly says dadaji has decided it so ur marriage will surely take place, nisha says no worries without me theres no marriage so plan flop, dadaji listens to this n gets angry .

Nisha starts reacting to dadajis ritesh as her partner decision.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why is there such a delay in updating this serial alone. The rest star tv serials get updates in half an hour within telecast

  2. Hate the delay in updating
    Hath hoti hai yaar,backi saari updates aade ghande ki andar mil jathe hai lekin ekk ye serial hai ki pura din bhi nikal jaaye to bhi update nahi hota

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