Sinhasan Battisi 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,queen priyanvadha tells raja that he is free to leave and tells that in front of his character her beauty has failed and shows him way to earth
Into old fort raja bhoj is surprised that how did queen priyanvadha ley it go so easily and tells the godess of character that any lady who is hurt with the thought that the person in front of her is not impressed with her looks she is in thought to take a revenge and this was the trap by queen priyanvadha the godess of character agrees that this was a trap
Queen priyanavadha than plans to go on earth and let the villagers know about raja vikramadityas character queen priyanvadh enters raja vikramadityas palace as a sanyasni and asks acharaya that she wants to meet queen chitralekha acharaya doesnot gives her permission to meet queen chitralekha and their arrives queen chitralekha and saya that she is blessed to have the sanyasni here after performing pooja and asks sanyasni what does she wants sanyasni then asks queen chitralekha to talk to her in privacy sanyasni then offers queen an fruit so as to keep her beauty forever while queen chitralekha refuses to eat it and sanyasni gets angry and forces her to eat it
Acharya is seen doing jyotish vidya to learn why is this sanyasni here and finds out that she is here with a trap sanyasni then asks queen chitralekha to give her beauty to her to this the queen agrees saying that she can do this for her and by performing some prayers she turns herself into queen chitralekha and turns queen chitralekha into sanyasni
Then acharaya is seen in tension seeing this senapati asks why is he so tensed he replies that a sanyasi is here with intentions to trap someone senapati tehn saya that lets arrest the sanyasni acharaya is tensed as raja vikramaditya is not here
The transformed queen refuses to return the beauty back to the original queen now the queen understands that this was a trap by that sanyasni and asks her to give back her beauty(roop) or else she wil cal the guards listening to this the the transformed queen calls acharay (virahmir ji) and asks them to take away this sanyasni as she is rude and bad and tells acharay that she asked her to give her beauty then arrives the sanyasni and asks the guard to get hold of the queen as she is not the actual queen listening to this acharaya asks sanyasni to keep quiet and asks her to leave the rajya as he had intuitions when she entered the palace that she is a person with trap here to fool someone and he asks her to leave the rajya right know the sanyasni is surprised and saya that acharya atleast u should have recognized who is the actual queen
Transformed queen chitralekha asks viramihir ji take away the sanyasni as she is trying to trap acharya then asks the guards to take her away then the sanyasni is seen crying out loudly and to save her and understand that she is the real queen god indra is seen keeping in his concern for the queen chitralekha and says that this is raja vikramadityas exam and why is the queen being troubled to this the rushi muni there tells him that raja vikramaditya has to be tested for his character and so his queen has to go through this

Raja vikramaditya is seen with queen chitralekha the transformed one where she tries to get closer to samrat

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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