Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,dadaji asks nisha to give 35000 for their bail, while ramesh congrats them on their daring act n asks them to runaway while dadaji was busy with police, when dadaji turns he sees kids missing,dadaji calls mohan viren n ask them to look after their kids, ramesh says they are kids mohan says no we have to look after kids,viren starts scolding ramesh saying its his kids spoiling theirs, dadaji says to keep shut n look after kids,each parent goes to scold their kids except ramesh,. Dadi gets upset seeing everyone scolding ramesh, rukhmavati asks dadi why is she upset she says it dosent look like a marriage house so.virens starts scolding umesh who is hiding in toilet,while dolly is busy chatting with summit when scolded by father she says its her mother in law,mohan starts scolding kirti n jwala, kirti changes topic by bringing dollys wedding subject n runs away, ramesh lies calm with his kid, laxmi asks him to scold his kids, ramesh n kids act as if he is scolding them, laxmi gets angry seeing this ramesh n kids try convince her,laxmi says go make arrengments for dollys wedding go. Nisha sees her father counting coins, ramesh says nisha that he is gonna use it for dollys wedding. Bunty comes asking for halwa cooked by umesh, nisha takes him with him to give halwa. Rukhmavati informs all of this to dadi,dadi sends message to all that she fell down, all run to dadi who acts as if she has fallen down when all reach she says why ae u people not enjoying, laxmi says we will do it from tomorrow, ramesh says why tomorrow lets start today ramesh plays drum n cousins dance around, mohan joins them as well, viren gets disturbed n scolds ramesh , ramesh says chill i have done all my work correctly dolly is my daughter as well viren snatches drum n walks away dadi scolds viren n asks him to give back drum n asks viren to patch up with ramesh , viren does so n joins them , nisha thanks her dadi for arranging this all, dadi asks nisha to go patch up with dadaji n says he loves u so he is upset with u go talk to him, nisha agrees.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Hey there was a precap..
    Nisha asks something from dadji and he asks to give 45000 to him.. n nisha says that its in his drawer dadaji takes the money and counts n then says that still rs5000 is missing. Nisha looks on being tensed.

  2. Aaahh! Where is todays update?

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