Whom do you find best couple in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan?

Raghav and Kalpi, better known as Ragna, have soared to new heights with the show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. They have become a craze and won the poll too, of the Best Couple on Indian Telly. They have rocked Zee TV and surpassed the craze of Star Plus hotties like Saras-Kumud, Shlok-Astha and Raman-Ishita. Raghav-Kalpi has gained a huge fan following by their intense love and gripping chemistry, which made them clear winners from the list. We are glad to have seen such brilliant actors (Ashish Chowdhry-Rachana Parulkar), who not just entertained us, but also won our hearts. We have seen many dramatic twists in Raghav and Kalpi’s life, and the vamp Pakhi, who created a huge distance between them, and finally drifted apart the loves. Post the car accident, Raghavn went missing, and Kalpi lost her memory and got a new face, as Suhana Diwaan. The best part now is Pakhi is not shown.

The new couple added in the cast, is Asha Negi, who was much hyped, and Kunal Verma are also giving their best and trying to shoulder the show without the famous Ragna. Their characterization of Suhani Diwaan and Aryan are set in an adorable way. Aryan is a light hearted guy, who really loves Suhana, and can do anything for her happiness, even if it makes him go away from her and break their engagement, as he senses she does not love him, and regards him just a friend. The story has now moved to Diwaan house, but Kamla is still in the frame, as the caretaker of Suhana. Suhana feels Aryan is not that good, but Kamla believes in Aryan, as he has helped her being a stranger to her.

Aryan intentionally embarrasses Suhana and her dad Sanjay in her birthday party and acts drunk. Sanjay get angry and calls off the engagement. Suhana is confused, as she has tried to accept Aryan now and her relation got broken. Kamla comes to know Aryan was acting to be drunk, and thinks what was the reason to do this. Now, the love track of Suhana/Kalpi and Aryan is on a high, with Kamla being their cupid. Suhana and Aryan suit each other, but will they able to kick it off and earn a name like Ragna. According to you, which couples rocks in EMA, RagNa or Arhana. Let us know.

  1. It is only Raghav and Kalpi ie. Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar ….no one can match their chemistry …they are the best and will remain the best

  2. love Aryan and Suhana love story
    love the bond Suhana and Kamla share
    the show is owesome since there is new twist in it

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