Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, umesh says wow nice when he knows about viraj, cousins says ya actually so nice nisha has a crush on celebrity, sourabh says I had understood it long back but nisha isn’t ready to accept it, dolly says that’s what we need to do now we have to make nisha accept this fact, aman says I have an idea, suku says why not sister in law ur most welcome, aman says hero loves heroine but is afraid to confess so heroine acts as if she loves someone else hero jealous n will accept his feeling. Dolly says aman superb idea, jwala says but who will be the villan, cousins look at sourabh, sourabh says ok ok I am ready, dolly says good but no one should know abt this other then we cousins.
Shekhar calls virajs driver, driver tells him about the car situation, n tells nisha is wounded,shekhar asks driver the location.nishas ointment falls down, viraj picks it up for her. Shekhar asks his mate to be there at virajs location n asks him to come prepared. Viraj says nisha this network is stubborn like urs, nisha says sir any imp call, viraj says no I have to answer an email, viraj says anyways why am I talking to u, since last few minutes im asking u how are u n u aren’t answering me, n nisha hiding ur pain isn’t some bravery think, nisha says sir im ok I will apply the ointment on my own, viraj says ok then do it, nisha cant reach her wound, viraj says nisha at times u need to take help, nisha says sir im ok, viraj says oh no nisha u aren’t well let me see ur wound n apply the ointment, viraj touches nisha n removes her jacket, nisha gets angry n pulls over her jacket back, n says sir its raining n steps out, viraj says nisha wait u cant stay in water n pulls her inside the car n says what do u think im trying to take advantage of the situation n be physical with u, nisha says no sir, viraj says I guess im mad trying to help u, viraj gives his jacket to nisha since she is wet, viraj says why are u crying, nisha says im not, viraj sees nisha has fever, viraj says see nisha plz let me apply ointment otherwise it would go serious plz trust me , see I will keep talking to u when I do so n u wont feel embarrassed , nisha says ok, viraj says count 1 to 5 n it will be done, nisha starts counting 1 to 5 n viraj says nisha u need to be strong n taking help from others wont make u week at times a helpful stranger would turn to be ur best friend, but bearing the pain unnecessary isn’t good, n says see its done , nisha says sir some pain cant be cured by ointment, u just learn to stay with it n steps out of the car.
Mohan gathers all elders, virendra asks him what is the matter,mohan says nothing serious, actually ram has some business meeting n so wants to arrange wedding as soon as possible, dadaji says I have no problem, mohan says actually since the arrangements have to be made quickly I need some money , dadaji says ok how much, mohan says 50 lakhs, dadaji says what 50 lakhs, u know we have kept some money for kids wedding n we have other kids as well, virendra says mohan are they asking about dowry bcoz we are against it, dadaji says all kids are equal for me n so I will not allow this thing, mohan says ok.
Ritesh asks mohan n roopan what did dadaji say, ritesh falls in mohans feet n says I hope dadaji hasn’t insulted u, mohan says plz don’t do this ritesh, ritesh says what can I do uncle I love n respect u guys n don’t want to loose u n my family u know n so I have one solution, roopan asks what is it, ritesh says aunty u transfer the kirtis flat to me I will mortgage it n then will return u soon , I so wish that mom wouldn’t have seen me with kirti n if u guys will deny money may be mom will get angry n cancel our wedding n I don’t have this to happen, I love kirti , roopan says I think ritesh is right think abt kirti as well, mohan says o ritesh I will make the papers ready n then talk to u, ritesh says thanku uncle I will inform dad abt this n leaves.
Viraj walks to nisha with an umbrella n says wear the jacket nisha, viraj looks in sky, nisha says sir what are u doing, viraj says nisha theres a cloud above ur haed, hello cloud, n says nisha says hi, nisha says hello cloud, viraj says don’t worry everyone has a cloud above them n it contains all the memories, nisha says what if the memories are bad, viraj says in that case u have friends that help u get rid of u n so u can trust me n share ur problem with me, nisha says sir I was 13 when i went to a sport academy when some boys, viraj says I got it nisha its fine ,nisha says sir I was 13 but didn’t allow them to be physical to me but lost myself mentally, viraj says u aren’t ur here with me finding ur aim, nisha says when someone touches me I feel in secured, viraj steps back, nisha says no sir I trust u but the fear it just kills me all the time, viraj says u really very brave, but its past nisha n u need to forget it n think abt ur present n make it worthy n not let the past affect u n u want to be shooter right, nisha says sir I don’t know, viraj says find the dreams which u deserve to fulfill, find that thing that will pull u out of ur pain.

Shekhar attacks viraj disguised, nisha picks gun from the car n says leave sir or else I will shoot u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks for update.My prediction was right nisha told about her past to viraj.Aaj ke episode dekhkar meri aankhom mein paani aagaya…Love you niraj…

  2. Hope nisha and viraj’s love scenes come in further serials…<3

  3. Woow…. awesome viraj….. expecting more…

  4. Very nice episodes I lov it

  5. I also thought that Nisha would tell about her past to Viraj and Oh my my Viraj is like he has complete rights on Nisha…..Love them both

  6. i think now viraj will help nisha to get her out of her past memories

  7. so touching yaar..

  8. Ohh my god superb yaar the dialoge i like the most “kuch jakhme yese hoti he jaha pe oinment nahi phunchta sir bus hame unke sath jine ki adat dalni padti ” it wets my eyes too touchng yaar

  9. Its superb going… I love viraj’s personality..he is too gud. Very much understanding…

  10. wow wow it really rocks the show guess is right nishu will come out the pain only by viraj and viraj also come out of his pain by nishu only and damn sure of it.there r just amazing.looking forward for it.thank for update.but plz make the update fast as possible an request.thanks yaar.cousins r also too good.

  11. It was fantastic……. I ♥♡♥ it

  12. nisha you are soooooooooooooo cute …………………………..episode was nice……………. love you both………………….

  13. Really nice episode. Heart touching episode

  14. pls re telecast 11.30pm also as we cannot watch it before i read the written episodes to keep track on the serial.

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