Fanaah 21st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 21st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria looks at Joe and asks who he is and everyone stares at him as well. He comes out of the swimming pool and introduces himself as Joe and knows everyone already. Ranbir says that nice that you know everybody’s name while he says that he knows what everybody is thinking. Rose asks him of what she is thinking of he says Me. He adds saying that you want to take a selfie with me and he allows Rose to do so and she happily takes one.
He looks at Ria and says that you want Ranbir back just like old times. Ria says that how did you know that and He says that I also know that Ranbir is trying to hide someone. Ranbir tells him stop these tricks of his and tells him to enjoy and they leave with Prateek. Joe then comes and meets Avani and says that I know that you have been waiting for someone for a long time. He takes off his hood and says that I have come, Avani says that how do you know that I am waiting for someone. She leaves him while Joe just smiles.
Yamini is standing in the dance being stalked by Sarthak. All the members at the party sit down at a table while Joe keeps on staring at Avani. Prateek proposes a game while Joe says to play another game of cards. He explains the rules and the method and everyone agrees to play. Yamini is waiting for Vivan but then decides to put the file in the locker, thinking that he might not come. Sarthak sees her and grins by saying her name.
Joe asks Ranbir to start the game, he agrees and though Ria is waiting for him to turn his face but Ranbir looks towards Saher. Saher takes of her scarf in such a way so that only Ranbir can see her and instead of passing the card they kiss. Ria gets angry and leaves the game, they come back to the game and everyone claps for them.
Yamini is about to leave when she decides to stay in the party as it is safer. Sarthak gets angry and then sees the pizza man and asks him if he wants to earn more money. Joe is about to give the card to Avani and she refuses to take it with her lips and though everyone asks her to follow the rules but Joe gives her the card. Rose gives the card to Samir which has Saher written on it, Saher is freaking out while Ranbir is telling her to relax. Rose is giving the hints to Samir and Ranbir says that let’s go for a drink while Joe says that let them take some time we can continue.
The delivery man comes and gives the pizzas to Yamini and takes the file to Sarthak. Joe’s card has written Avani on it and he gives her the hints saying that she likes someone but someone likes her more. Avani says that she doesn’t wants to play this and decides to go home. Joe asks her not to leave but she tells him to get aside and leaves. Ranbir says that she has a choice and let it be if she doesn’t wants to play. Suddenly they hear a scream and run to the place and see the pizza boy dead. Yamini checks if he is alive and tells them to take him to the hospital.
They pick him up while Ranbir tells everyone that the party is over. When everyone leaves Saher asks Ranbir if what he did today would never happen again. Ranbir asks if she is taking about the party while she says that taking the chance. She says that I won’t let you do while Ranbir says that I’m just glad that your brother didn’t saw. He asks her to stay here while Saher says that she has to reach home before her brother. She asks Ranbir to take off his jacket and leaves quickly.
Sarthak is reading the file and finds all the details in the file. He says that I was right and Vivan is working with Mr.Malik and now he needs five more doses. He says that I have to get the serums before Vivan destroys them. Yamini is blaming herself as she lost the file although Vivan told her to put it in the locker. She says that what will happen when Vivan Sir will find out that I lost the file, she wonders where the file might be. She says that only the pizza guy will know and calls Vivan but his phone is switched off.
Avani is in her bed and can’t sleep as she is thinking about Vivan, she picks her phone up and then throws it away. She gets up and roams around her room till the next morning. She says that it is all my fault and I am huge fool as I thought that the kiss meant something. She says that I thought that Vivan Sir also feels something about and Rose told everyone about me and Vivan. She wonders of what she is going to do.

Precap: Joe comes to the class and says that why are you looking so surprised and says that I have joined the college. He sits with Avani and says that someone told me that we would look great together. Avani says to him that who told you that while He says that whoever did so did say the truth. Vivan says to Avani that I seen better girls than you and insults her. Avani pushes him back and says that I am not a girl like that.

Update Credit to: Sona

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