Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla says to dadaji all this ur talking abt values is fake, if ur family had values there wouldn’t have been nonveg here, n if u have all this values nonsense, forst teach ur kids that nisha who was caught with her boyfriend on terrace, leela goes on insulting dadaji summits dad asks her to keep shut, dadaji walks off the room, umesh jwala n nisha hiding n listening all this conversation, umesh says this is all bcoz of me, im the one who didn’t check the starters properly , nisha says relax it wasn’t done on purpose n its not the tme to panic now, dadi asks vijendar n vimla to check the further rituals arrangement, dadi goes to leela n says for all this im sorry but abt the nonveg incident im with my family we are against nonveg n by no means will accept

that bcoz we follow our religion with great devotion, summits dad asks dadi to go ahead n he will calm leela,. Umesh says leela aunty is still very angry n i think i shd talk to her, nisha says don’t go alone take suku along with u.
Summits dad tries calm leela but she goes on insulting dollys family n says im feeling like i shd leave this marriage, summits dad says u shd plz leave atleast the marriage will be conducted in peace, leela gets angry n walks away. Umesh says look suku leela aunty is leaving, n now i think she will ruin dollys life after marriage, suku asks umesh to keep calm, suku n umesh go to leela n stop her umesh says plz stop aunty the nonveg problem took place bcoz of me, suku n umesh convince leela , leela says she will join marriage on one condition.
Dollys marriage rituals take place peacefully, umesh n suku says since the rituals are over all will get busy with photography so according to leela aunties condition lets arrange the nonveg counter outside the hall, bunty listens to this. Summit thanks nisha for always being there to save him n dolly, bunty informs nisha abt umesh n sukus nonveg counters, nisha goes to the counters n tells leela that suku n umesh did this for the sake of their sister why are u doing this u know dadaji is strictly against this so plz stop the nonveg counters, leela gets angry n says do u people think all this is a kind of a game or fun, meanwhile bunty tells doly abt the nonveg confusion, dolly gets up her seat n walks towards the counter, dadaji sees dolly n follows her, leela says wat is ur problem, nisha says aunty plz understand the situation we are requesting u dadaji don’t like all this, nisha says i agree that it sounds bad for u but our dadaaji likes to keep it discipline plz understand he doesn’t mean any bad just want things to go in a manner he likes to, but still he has always given us a chance to share our views n help us conduct them in a disciplined way, n so we kids think its our duty not to let him down, for him his devotion is at the peak n so he sticks to it, n nonveg is against our religion n so he is so aggressive abt it, n we kids will take care of it that no one hurts his devotion n so plz try n understand his denial for nonveg , n if we hide this from him we are breaking his trust on us n our devotion n we don’t want that to happen, dadaji n dadi listen to nisha from the corner of the room, dolly says leela aunty today we are going to start a new relation but the relation i had with my family will always remain the same, n to starts the new one i don’t want the hurt the old onces n vice versa n few years later when u will turn to a grand parent i wish that ur grand children fight for ur respect the similar way as we cousins do now, n for that purpose plz leave ur ego n stubbornness plz, leela melts down seeing the cousins love towards their family, dadi says to dadaji look at our girls they have made us proud, dadaji says yes ur right.
Dadaji sees umesh talking to the caterer.

Ritesh trying to save n support umesh in front of dadaji by mistake reveal all the incident abt summit being drunk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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