What’s your reaction on Ek Boond Ishq ending?

Ek Boond Ishq which premiered on 9 September 2013 is going off air on 3rd October 2014. The show stars Viraf Patel and Chhavi Pandey in lead roles. The characters of Tara and Mrityunjay was hugely hit when the show started. Their unique love story was given a good track, and then series of unfortunate events took place with them, but they still supported each other and became the rulers on the 8.30 PM.

The current track of the show is as given here: Kalavati vows to take revenge on Sia(Tara) and Balli(Mrityunjay). Omkar regrets misleading his mother about Sia(Tara). Sia(Tara) asks Pari not to worry about Balli(Mrityunjay). The doctor informs Sia(Tara) that Omkar has to perform a surgery on Balli(Mrityunjay). Sia(Tara) pleads with Omkar to save Balli(Mrityunjay). Omkar agrees to perform the surgery, if Sia(Tara) accedes to become his wife. Sia(Tara) pretends to be Omkar’s wife in front of his mother. Omkar agrees to perform the surgery on Balli(Mrityunjay). Sia(Tara) prays for Balli’s(Mrityunjay) wellbeing. Vedant wants to find out the truth about Sia(Tara). Sia(Tara) misleads Vedant about Balli(Mrityunjay) and Pari.

Omkar strives to save Balli(Mrityunjay). Sia(Tara) recalls her past with Balli(Mrityunjay). Omkar tells Sia(Tara) that the surgery was successful, and Balli(Mrityunjay) is out of danger. Sia(Tara) decides to leave Balli(Mrityunjay). Vedant informs Sia(Tara) and Omkar that Kalavati was killed in an accident. Omkar reminds Sia(Tara) about her promise of becoming his wife. Sia(Tara) decides to take Pari with her to Omkar’s house. She becomes depressed on recalling her past with Mrityunjay. Sia(Tara) applies sindoor on her forehead. Omkar hesitates to inform the truth about Sia to Tara. Tara behaves like Sia in front of Omkar’s mother. Pari prays for Balli’s(Mrityunjay) wellbeing. Sia(Tara) fears that Kalavati might be alive. She finds Pari missing.

Ek Boond Ishq will showcase the most awaited track where Mrityunjay will regain his memory after Tara’s struggle. But when MJ will reach at the Agnihotri house and ask Tara to come along with him, she will deny and tell MJ that she is now Omkar’s wife Sia and not his wife Tara. MJ will be shock to hear this and later he will be thrown out of the house. He will stay near their house as he will not be able to understand that why Tara is lying and on the other hand Tara will thank Omkar for saving MJ’s life but will be in tears as she cannot go back to her husband whom she loves so much. Ek Boond Ishq will be replaced by Rajshri Productions’ Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali. What’s your reaction on Ek Boond Ishq ending? Let us know.

  1. Will miss very very very much !

  2. will miss it very much.. i liked Tara & MJ’s acting… and although kalavathi(laado) is a baddy.. her/His dialouge delivery was quite quirky.. loved him/her for sarcastic comments…

  3. I will really miss this show

  4. I request you please not ending serial to be continue serial I m big fan of you . Please not stop serial.i big fan of you

  5. Oh plz dont end this show whatever show i loke ends very fast

  6. Like***

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