Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,dollys in laws arrive for the ceremony, kirti says hi to ritesh, ritesh asks where is nisha, kirti asks why, ritesh says i have found boyfriend for nisha n don’t forget kirti says ya ya to setup a date for u. The mahamandap pooja begins, suku says umesh i think i shd tell mom the truth abt money, umesh asks suku to calm down n concentrate in pooja, ramesh asks laxmi did suku give money laxmi says he said its in his pocket, ramesh says ask suku to put it in a envelope, n asks where is nisha, laxmi says she must be here somewhere.
Dadaji sees nisha rushing here n there n asks nisha why is she doing so n asks where is her terrace friend , nisha says she will get him by 4. Nisha calls sourabh n asks him if he is ready sourabh says he will practice once again n then come back, nisha sees ritesh n asks him to come to side, ritesh smiles n says for the first time u didn’t fight with me wow, nisha says thanku for hiding the truth n saving my cousins n me n sorry for being rude at the party n i did so bcoz i thought u were too friendly at the party, ritesh says i know i was bcoz i was mr. Right n u were miss. Right, nisha says wrong i wasn’t, n im not interested in u, ritesh says usually when girls say no it means a yes, nisha says my no means no, nisha tells see leela aunty is calling u n runs away. Dolly asks summit did he tell his mom abt Bangalore s job, summit says yes he did leela calls summit n asks him to go meet his relatives, leela says to dolly see my sons loves me so much that he rejected the Bangalore’s job, dolly gets upset n says she wants to freshen up, kirti says i will take her.
Sourabh goes to dadaji , laxmi gives suku an envelope n asks him to keep money in it, kirti informs dolly abt the sukus situation n asks her to exchange the envelopes when gifted to her to save suku, vimla n roopan give their envelopes to dolly, kirti slowly takes one of the envelopes n exchange it with suku, suku hands the money envelope to laxmi, laxmi gives it to dolly.
While sourabh tells dadji it was him with nisha, two more guys come to dadaji saying they are nishas boyfriend n were with her on terrace, dadaji asks the three to shutup, dadaji asks them to leave n asks nisha wat is the truth, nisha says she doesn’t want to share the truth, dadaji says no problem i will find it my way now,.
Leela tells roopan we have specially ordered Banaras saris for all u ladies,summits father calls leela n says the saris u ordered for tomorrow have arrived today n we need 1 lakh ruoees urgently, leela says i will manage n goes to dolly n says i need cash urgently give me ur envelope now n i will return them in evening summit says its ok no problem n dolly has to give her envelopes,.

Leela informs elders that one envelope is missing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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