Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, umesh sees vijendra upset, umesh asks dad can i go ou for few minutes, vijendra says yes go, dadaji scolds vijendra mohan n ramesh saying u have already lost the set n now like ur kids u three are hiding eachothers mistakes, mohan says we agree we have done a mistake n we are ready to go through punishment, dadaji says u will first get the register let me check the register , dadaji finds ramesh receipt, ramesh says he had done the receipt by his own, dadaji says but the receipt is missing n so till i get a clear thing abt this ramesh u will not come to shop. The receipt is seen in mohans hand who tore it from the book to save vijendra n ramesh is unaware of it. Ritesh goes to dadaji for forgiveness, dadaji says wat u have done is wrong n till im alive i will not allow anyone take advantage of my family, ritesh says i was small when i lost my grandfather n i find him in u plz don’t do this to me n u know when i see cousins n u together i feel so good n felt like i shd be a part of it n for that i thought i would go close to nisha n did this mistake plz forgive me dadaji, dadaji says rites him getting late n leaves. Mohan says to himself sorry ramesh i badly needed the 5 lakh loan n bcoz of vijendra dadaji would cancel it n so i did this n diverted the attention on u. Laxmi sees vimla n goes to talk to vimla but roopan from behind roopan signs vimla not to talk to laxmi n so vimla walks away, dadi n nisha see this dadi says see how are we gonna solve all this, nisha says just wait n watch, nisha goes to laxmi with dollys lehnga n says mom give this lehenga back to vimla aunty since now she hates us i don’t wanna keep anything of hers here, laxmi says are u mad nisha she is ur aunty my sister, nisha says is this is so why is she so rude to us, laxmi says thats her love she is angry with us n so she isn’t talking to us, vimla has taken care of me like her child from the day i have been in this house, vimla sees thid n gets emotional n comes to laxmi n hugs her, laxmi says sorry to her, nisha says so u have passed the test sisters , vimla smiles n asks laxmi wat is the tension, laxmi says my mother is hospitalised n i need to vivit her, vimla says yes go then i will take care of kids.nisha says she is gonna see umesh, vimla decides to follow nisha. Umesh tells amanpreet that bcoz of nisha his mom understood that his girlfriend is not jain, nisha finds umesh n go n shouts loudly n says can u hear bhaiya, umesh says nisha leave, amanpreet says how can u talk to ur sister like this, nisha says umesh i didnt tell vimla anything she was already informed by someone n i was trying to divert her from u, umesh says whatever, amanpreet says look in ur sisters eyes they reflect nothing else then honesty go just look, umesh turns to nisha n sees vimla n rukhma behind nisha, nisha turns behind as well n sees vimla, vvimla walks away, nisha says umesh i really didn’t do anything plz understand,umesh runs behind vimla, umesh says mom plz talk to me, vimla says wat shd i listen to this isn’t u , u have changed n leaves, nisha goes to umesh n says umesh i will talk to aunty plz listen to me, umesh says plz leave me alone n u know wat 2 years no one knew abt this n from the time i told u its like the national news now n plz try n control ur habit of interfering in others problem.

PRECAP: Vijendra mohan n ramesh are quarrelling amongst themselves, dadi comes n asks wat is happening here, vijendra says nothimg ramesh is just as usual u know, ramesh says it was never as usual wish u people could understand why.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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