Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi tell laxmi n ramesh that she wants to give aman n umesh a chance, she knows for this she has to lie to her husband n son but since she believes that love is greatest of everything she will be supporting the kids, vimla comes n asks have u seen rukhma, ramesh dadi n laxmi deny, vimla says ok I will check in the kitchen, dadi says ramesh go stop her aman is with rukhma in the kitchen, vimla goes to kitchen, seeing rukhmas hand fracture she asks how did this happen n then she sees aman, ramesh laxmi dadi reach kitchen.
Nisha in academy says this priyanka always spoils my mood n then gets a call from rukhma saying vimla Is upset with aman n all are discussing in the room, nisha asks who all, rukhma says dadi ramesh laxmi vimla umesh n aman, nisha says don’t worry they will handle it, rukhma says ok.

Vimla asks dadi why did she allow this n support umesh n allowed him to bring aman to the house n that to as a maid, dadi says no vimla not as a maid, she is here to help rukhma cook n im giving her a chance to serve virendra, vimla says no this is wrong, dadi says see wat we think is wrong these kids think its right n so I couldn’t find a solution n when the kids did I thought of giving them a chance, n after these 30 days when we get the result I guess both we elders n the kids will know wat is the right thing, vimla says dadaji is the elder one n this time im with dadajis decision, dadi says this house I also mine even I did lot of hardship n its result is this house as its today n I know the foundation on which I have made it stand so long is not so weak that it will fall apart n so lets give them a chance they deserve a chance,vimla says mom I don’t know why but im not liking this im against with this marriage n will always be n u aman how did u get ready to work as a cook, aman says I have seen my dad always helping others cooking foor others n he had a great peace in it n im here for my loved once so im ok with it n in theses 30 days not just uncle n dadaji im here to make a place in ur heart as well, aunty if we fail in these 30 days we will never meet eachother, dolly says mom plz give them a chance everyone has a right to live with their beloved n so plz give them a chance, laxmi says vimla di plz allow them, vimla says I know n with a trust I had asked ramesh to look after umesh but he made me upset n now u even ur supporting these kids my family is aparting bcoz of them, laxmi says no its not this way, vimla says now no one cares about me in this house n leaves, dolly says laxmi aunty don’t feel bad abt wat mom said its just that she is very tensed im sorry on her behalf, laxmi says shutup dolly I kow that n me vimla di will solve this thing u don’t get upset, umesh says ramesh uncle im sorry, ramesh says its ok umesh im used to all this, when u kids were small u used to keep us awake the whole night crying all the time n now its not the time to cry but being strong n working towards ur this mission 30 days, umesh tires holding amans hand, ramesh says oh no mark this very clear no cheating, this one month u two are strangers.
In the academy everyone gets a message, the message contains pics of sourabh n nisha together,sourabh gets shocked looking at those, n so do everyone else in the academy, nisha comes in n gives sourabh coffee, nisha looks at sourabh n asks wat is it why do u look so shocked, sourabh says im sorry nisha before sourabh could say something else nisha gets those images on her cell too, nisha gets shocked looking at them, everyone at the office give weird looks to nisha n sourabh, meanwhile priyank with her friends comes n says to sourabh n nisha oh u guys u love eachother so much right n u both are so desperate why don’t u take a leave n u know have fun, n I must tell u very nice pics these are n are u guys serious about eachother or just like friends with benefits fulfilling eachothers desires, nisha gets angry she takes hold of priyanks neck n drags her to the door knocking her at it, nisha says to priyanka how easy was it for u to throw such prank, didn’t ur little mind thought of it that this prank which u call this pics as fun pics could affect my friendship it was ok till it was a joke but now u have messed up life of two people u have pictured their friendship as a dirt, I wished u could understand what happens when u heart someones heart, ekta shouts somebody save priyanka this girl will kill her, gayatri walks in, she says oh my my somebody plz save my girl, shekhar enters pulls nisha behind asking her to leave priyanka, priyanka shouts plz save me this girl wants to kill me , nisha says shout as much as u want but I wont leave u, viraj enters, gayatri says viraj look at this mad girl, viraj shouts miss nisha leave priyanka, nisha leaves priyanka n looks at viraj angrily, viraj says what all is this happening, looking at this I feel ashamed to call this a acdemy which promises to give the best ever shooters, n shouts speak up, sourabh walks towards viraj with his cell n says sir, viraj says what, sourabh gives him the cell, viarj gets shocked looking at the pics, viraj asks who did this cheap thing, sourabh says its priyanka, priyanaka says no bro this guy is lying its that this nisha n sourabh are against me, viraj says sourabh take miss nisha along with u n leave for now, sourabh takes the cell from virajs hand n says lets go nisha n takes her along with him, when nisha n sourabh leave, viraj walks towards priyanka n asks her for her cell, priyanka gives it to him, viraj goes through her cell viraj finds the real pics to which priyanka edited sourabh n nishas face, viraj asks priyanka have u edited these pics, priyanka says bro it was just a little prank n I never thought it would lead into such big thing, shekhar says others get back to work or do u need an invitation be quick, priyanka tries to go, viraj says priyanka stop I haven’t asked u to leave yet, gayatri says oh my my viraj its just a kid think don’t tell me u would like to interfere in these little kids thing, u know wat ur already in such pressure n anyways u know its not good to be angry on this day u remember right its ur moms bday today so I suggest u that u shd spend this day happily, viraj gives a cold look to gayatri n then says priyanka come to my cabin n throws her mobile,.
In virajs cabin priyanka says this nisha keeps troubling me n interferes in every work of mine, n I didn’t do anything serious I just threw a little prank, viraj closes the cabins door angrily n says prank , a little joke, n if u find this thing a joke then according to me ur out of ur mind, n today u have crossed all ur limits, priyanka says but bro nisha, viraj says nisha did wat I asked her to do n that was her job, n I didn’t ever expect u will fall so low, priyanka says im sorry bro, viraj says sorry is not enough u will have to pay for this mistake of urs n from today u will report miss nisha n work here as an employ n this is ur chance to get back to ur values, u will look after the needs of the employ their tea coffee n all the other things they require, n these things are ur job which is ur punishment, n u have to do all this along with ur shooting practice, n this ego of urs is something I cant bear anymore from today u will report miss nisha n help her as her assistant.

Viraj says to gayatri, trying to save ur daughter u are forgetting people working here are humans as well, gayatri says its my fault that u could understand a mothers pain, but its me n priyanka who is ur family n u already are leaving a lonely life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Oh my my Viraj!! You proved to be the knight in shining armour for Nisha…loved today’s episode… He was disturbed seeing Priyanka playing those cheap tricks….he for a sec understood that Nisha was in immense pain…he like a true gentleman asked Saurabh to take Nisha away and scolded his sister inside his cabin instead of making it an issue outside…. Awesome
    But still Waiting for the real ishq wala love realization between VirNi

  2. Lovd d episode

  3. What a swtt nd lovely episode ….grt viraj…….

  4. wow yaar its really amazing by viraj wt he did today.really mindblowing.i just loved the show yaar.viraj is superb hero.iam really impressed by the show.finally its outstanding.thank for update.per plz thoda jaldi update karo naa.its humble request of fan.thanks.

  5. Viraj is sweet when he helps nisha 🙂

  6. I love this Episode. Mother and her daughter both should get punishment for the prank.

  7. oh love dis serial

  8. His name is virat

    1. Noo is name is Viraj

      N I luv himmmm

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