Nimki Vidhayak 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Mai goes missing from Minto’s house

Nimki Vidhayak 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Minto tells Nimki that I want a girl like you… I mean I don’t want a girl like you, he leaves. Nimki says he doesn’t like a girl like me? How dare he. All laugh.

Minto tells Dadi about Nimki becoming a CM. She says Nimki will be good. She thinks that I will ask Nimki to finish Ganga from my path, we have helped her so she will help me too.

Rekha calls her relatives and tells them about soon shifting to a CM house. Minto tells Dadi that Nimki said Mai will live with her. She will take her there too. Minto calls Mai but he doesn’t find her. He looks around. Dadi says where did she go? Rekha says she didn’t say anything to me. Minto thinks where did she go?

Nimki talks to the reporters and says I want commoners to get the necessities. She thanks the ministers for voting for her. Nimki says the people chose these ministers and they have chosen me so I am thanking them. Nahar says Nimki was right in becoming a CM. She was given a fair chance. A reporter asks why Ganga gave her the seat? Ganga comes there and says I will answer for myself. She goes to Nimki and hugs her, she says I have a saree without any stain now. Nimki says you have bloodstains on our soul. They both whisper it to each other. Ganga says she is a good girl. She tells the reporters that I am with Nimki, she wouldn’t be here without my support. Nimki says yes, she gave my name for CM’s chair. Ganga says she has potential, she asks Nimki what have you thought about the working class? Nimki says I will give them offs. I want women to work and have peace too. Ganga says so you will take care of the trafficking too? Nimki says yes, I will make sure to punish all the people involved in girl trafficking. She glares at Ganga. Tunee asks the reporters to end the session. A reporter requests Nimki and Ganga’s photo together. They pose while smirking.

Minto is looking around for Mai and asks Dadi. Dadi says she was angry at Nimki.

Nimki sits with her family and jokes with Nahar. Nahar says I am Nimki’s advisor. All laugh. Mahua says our father would be so proud of Nimki. Sweety says Ganga lost and Nimki won. Abhi says Ganga can do anything so we have to be careful. Nimki says she has so much ego.

PRECAP- Ganga tells Mai that I will free your husband from jail but will you follow your promise? Mai says I promise on my dead son that I will destroy Nimki’s life, she will never find peace in her life again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Zama Habib, you have created a Frankenstein’s Monster – the b*t*h and all time whore Nimki. Make sure to kill this b*t*h before you wind up on 01 Feb 20. At least while winding, give a correct parting lesson – it’s not only the end, but also the means that should be just and honest. Also, those who live by sword are perished by sword. Let Anaro shoot dead this b*t*h, and finish the game to drive home this lesson.

  2. This b*t*h has all vices, including nepotism. Remember Nimki Mukhiya snatching contracts from Tear Singh and awarding to favorites like Tunne? Now CM designate Nimki plans to make Mintu a minister. Ask her why.. She will talk through her arse and will give you her shitty justification. Anaro, kill this nepotistic b*t*h Nimki.

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