Nimki Vidhayak 25th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi worried about Minto’s infatuation

Nimki Vidhayak 25th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahua video calls Nimki and tells her that she is having fun. She ends the call. The teacher tells the contestants to enjoy their ride and have refreshments. Mahua takes pictures and drinks juice. A girl doesn’t drink juice so the teacher gives her sugar-free juice. The teacher asks the contestants to not send their photos as it a competition. They all turn off their phones.

Dadi thinks why did Ganga come here? I should ask Rekha.
Rekha drinks tea. Dadi calls her and says you can have tea all you want, she offers her sweets and says don’t worry about Mai. She says Mai must have made your life hell. Rekha says you have no idea. Dadi says you are so beautiful, your husband must be crazy for you. Rekha blushes and says you are so nice. Dadi asks why did Ganga come here? Rekha says her son told Ganga about Mai so she came to meet her here. Dadi says she is not coming here again. Rekha says why? Dadi asks her to get lost.

Minto is tensed. Pishko teases him. Pishko tells Minto that our friend is getting married soon, his mother is looking for a girl. His friend is worried. Minto says Nimki was praising Tildo. Tildo gets excited and says really? Pishko says to tell him that you love her, Minto keeps dreaming about her. Minto gets angry and leaves.

Scene 2
The contestants are singing on the bus and enjoying it. All get sleepy. The teacher asks Mahua to sleep also.

Dadi looks at her bangles and recalls Nimki taking care of her. Minto comes there and asks why you are looking at these bangles. Dadi says these are my family bangles, I thought to give it to your wife, we will get 1lac, you can sell these and give money to Nimki that she paid for my operation. Minto says I will arrange the money soon. Dadi says you brought Mai here to pay off Nimki’s debt, you are struggling between the lives of Babbu and Minto. Pay off her debt and get done with this. Minto says it’s not about money but humanity, I can’t leave Mai for Nimki to handle only. Dadi says tell me if you are doing this for Mai or… Minto leaves. Dadi says I know that you are doing this for Nimki.

Nimki records a video message with Tunee for Mahua and sends it to her.

At night, Mahua is sleeping on bus. The teacher and conductor look at her. The conductor calls someone and says all the girls are sleeping and we have the girl.

Shankar is following Dadi in the market. Dadi feels someone following her and leaves from there. She sees Shankar following her. Shankar stops her and says can you come with me?

PRECAP- Nimki tells Shukla that I saved your government but I didn’t ask for any favor, I didn’t even take a ministry. Shukla says join Ganga’s party, be with her and give us the news of her planning. Nimki looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What made ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ (before Sweetie eloped with BDO) was its pastoral locale, village politics, intercaste – interclass marriage, and most importantly, the morally, ethically and socially correct stance of its protagonist Nimki. No one is interested in the political intrigues of the state politics (because people are well conversant, in fact, fed up with it) of ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. Also, its protagonist Nimki is an extra marital murderer and sinner, and has thus lost her appeal. Other characters are either weak or insignificant or stooges. Therefore, the serial is bound to collapse. If the makers want it to work then they must first purge Nimki either through punishment or through repentance and then restart.

    1. Piyush Pandey

      Agreed. The makers must review, reorient and then reboot for rejuvenating the serial. Else, it is doomed.

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