Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kidnaps Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says are you okay? You look so injured. AJ says you decided to rob a bank? Guddan says your life was in danger. Why did you come here? It’s not safe. I was so scared. AJ says I will never let my Guddan be alone. AJ says I will teach these thugs a lesson. The thug comes and says wow what a plan. Durga says what will happen now. The thug brings them out and says they were fooling us. This AJ dressed as our man. You will go out as a dead body. AJ says try shooting me. Guddan says what are you saying. He puts the gun on AJ. AJ hits him with a bin and takes his gun. He says put your guns down. The thug asks others to put the guns down. AJ says how dare you to threaten my wife and family. Guddan takes the gun and says you thought it was a joke? Police come there.

Inspector says the bank is surrounded by police. AJ and Guddan take the thugs out. The police arrest the. Another man runs with a bag of money. Guddan says let him go. All the notes in the bag are fake. It replaced them in the restroom. I put my phone in the bag. So we can track his location. Guddan says see how smart I am I. I should be employed in the police. AJ says I am sorry for all that you had to go through. Guddan showed how you can still not do wrong even if you’re being blackmailed. AJ says I am really proud of you Guddan. A man says we are all proud of you. They all clap for her. A woman says sorry Guddan we said wrong. A woman says to see how he appreciates his wife. Inspector says thank you. You have to give us your statement. AJ says I will be there in a bit. AJ says was it a fluke or you did it with the plan? AJ says I am sorry. You risked your life because of me. Guddan says we will make Vikrant suffer. Don’t say sorry. I am your wife. I have to keep it.

An inspector calls AJ. AJ says yes I am coming. AJ says I will see you at home. He leaves. Vikrant comes there and says you try to act smart. He shoves Guddan in a car. Laxmi sees she screams. AJ comes running there. AJ sits in his car and goes after them. Durga says let’s call the police. Laxmi calls Dadi and says Vikrant kidnapped Guddan. Dadi cries. Durga says AJ called. He said Vikrant is taking her towards the temple. Dadi says why do my kids have to suffer. Dadi says Alisha we have to save Guddan. Vikrant has kidnapped her. I don’t know what will we do. We have to go to Kali mata’s temple.

Guddan says what are you doing? Let me go. Vikrant says to make AJ suffer I have to make you suffer. Guddan laughs. He says so you are laughing in fear? Guddan says to look back your death is coming. AJ is coming after them. Vikrant says let him come. AJ says stop the car Vikrant.

Dadi says to the driver you don’t have the keys? Where are the keys? Revati comes with the keys and says I am going to the party. Alisha says Guddan’s life is in danger. Revati says she comes back every time. Dadi says shut up and give us the keys. Dadi says she is your sister. Revati says, stepsister. Why should I ruin my party for her? Alisha shoves her and says I won’t lose my sister. She takes the keys from her. Revati is angry. Dadi and Alisha leave.

Vikrant brings Guddan out of the car. Guddan runs upstairs. Vikrant says stop. AJ comes there as well. Vikrant puts gun on Guddan. Aj comes upstairs. Vikrant says you will see your Guddan dying today.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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