Nimki Vidhayak 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi gives an idea to Nimki

Nimki Vidhayak 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga tells Nimki that you have helped me in becoming the CM, you are just a pawn to me. Nimki sees that it was her dream, she thinks that I will finish her game today. She leaves from the house.
Mahua doesn’t find Nimki and tells Tunee that Nimki is missing from her house. Tunee says what if she is going to Ganga’s house? He calls Abhi.

Ganga tells Shankar that we have to finalize the speech for tomorrow, ask them to write more about women empowerment. Shankar says okay. Ganga says keep an eye on this trafficking case. Nimki can spoil our plan.
Nimki is going to Ganga’s house but Abhi stops her. She says I will not spare her. Abhi takes her away and says Ganga is strong, we can’t fight her like this, listen to me please, we have to be careful, I am supporting you but let’s go for now.

Abhi brings Nimki home and says we have to find proofs against Nimki first. Nimki says what should I do then? Abhi says we can’t let Ganga know. They all think.

Scene 2
Dadi coms back home. Minto brings her inside. Rekha welcomes her. Dadi says you both will be out of this house soon. Rekha says I really like you. Dadi says Rekha should stay at Nimki’s house, she has a bigger house. Minto asks her to stop it. He sits with her and says I have kept this house same as you left. Dadi says I promise to never leave you alone. She asks him to hug her. Rekha says Mai would be angry if she sees her.

Nimki asks Dumri to not disturb her, we are thinking. Tunee forgets his idea. Nimki says ask Mahua to bring the tea, she might give us an idea.

Mai comes to the lounge and glares at Minto. Rekha thinks why she is angry?

Tunee tells Nimki that we should talk to Shukla, he wants to destroy Ganga so he must know something about this. Abhi says this is a good idea. Nimki says I think this is not a good idea, I think Ganga was talking to Shukla on the call, they might be working together. Tunee says we have to find a just CM to punish her. Nimki says there is not a just person here. Abhi says I know a person who will be a just CM and it’s Nimki. All look on. Abhi says I know it’s going to be difficult but this is the way to punish Ganga.

PRECAP- Nimki tells Tunee that I won’t get Ganga become the CM. I am going to become a CM.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Let’s recall the antecedents. Nimki – extra marital,exceedingly power and status hungry, selfish, cunning, ruthless, use and throw, hook or crook, murderess. In nut shell, b*t*h and whore. Abhi – disgraced himself as an officer by forging elections and eloping with a woman of his official area, extra marital, amorous. Wags his tail before his sinful love Nimki. Tune – psychophant and stooge who lives on the bread crumbs of Nimki. Zama Habib – the serial maker who created a smoke screen of women empowerment under which he sold his whims and fancies through his Frankenstein’s Monster Nimki whom he uses as a heroine. Now he is to slap all Biharis by making Nimki as the CM of Bihar. Although the serial is already slated to close, we must continue to resist the serial and its maker.

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