Shakti 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan and Soham became Heer’s Shakti

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Shakti 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto scolding Heer dancing in the sangeet. She asks her to come. Heer says there are three ways to talk to Heer, says laad se, pyaar se and bahut pyaar se. she says when someone dances in someone’s sangeet then she gets married soon. She says if I dance here, then they will dance in my marriage. Preeto says this is your age to study and not of marriage. Heer asks her friend to keep her mehendi and says she will be back. Preeto says I will inform Rohan and Soham.

She calls Soham and tells something. Soham’s friend tries to talk to him, but he signs him to stop. He attends Preeto’s call and says we will be there. Soham comes to the library and calls Rohan. Rohan signs him not to shout and says this is library. Soham says Dadi called him. Heer asks Preeto why she is doing this, tells that you haven’t given me mobile and tells that she is living life like she is in olden times. She says she wants to marry and it is her dream since childhood. Preeto says you shall not do that. Heer says even you have married and settled down. Preeto says you will not do what I have done. She asks her to get educated and stand on her feet. Rohan and Soham comes there. Heer says I will complain to my bodyguards/brothers. She tells them that if harak Singh breaks her legs and hands being angry. Soham says you shall be punished for lying and going. He ties cloth on her mouth. Rohan asks him to take it off and scolds her politely. He asks Preeto to take her inside. Heer asks what kind of brothers, you are…you are letting me go with stone hearted Preeto. They stop Preeto from taking her and hold her hands. Shakti song plays….They lift her and take her inside the house. Heer sees stick kept there. She asks Raavi and Sindhu if it was necessary to keep stick there. Harak Singh comes and says your tongue and mind need to be corrected. He takes the stick and we don’t beat daughters in our khandaan, but I you leave dancing and stubbornness, then remember that I will break your feet. He asks her to look in his eyes and says yes. He says you are a tiger’s grand daughter, so is a tigress. He asks her to get out. Mahi comes there and taunts Heer. Heer says now you also scold me. Harak singh says if she goes out of house again then I will not leave anyone. He stops Soham then.

Shanno says Bhai Saheb doesn’t know that whenever Heer gets a chance, she will run, and tells that she has worked hard to make her rebellious kinnar. Harak Singh tells Soham that he trusts him and says whenever Heer doesn’t follow the rules, it is his defeat. Heer comes to the room and thinks of Soumya, holding HS pendant. Tu hi mera khuda plays…She looks at Soumya’s pic and says nobody saves me from Dadu’s scolding. She says you had said that you will call me daily, will come to meet me on every festival etc, but neither you came nor your video call. Rohan hears her and says we didn’t think that we will lose you, to keep Heer with us. Heer says I miss you and asks her to return. Shanno comes there and calls her. She asks Heer what did she do there? She asks how did you dance? Heer says today she has lighted the fire with her mind blowing dance performance. Shanno says my daughter shall not get anyone bad sight. Heer says only you support me. Shanno thinks Harak Singh laughs after scolding you and asks Preeto if he acted well. Heer asks Dadu acts to scold me. Shanno says yes and goes.

Preeto comes to Harak Singh and hugs him. He says Heer has the same style like Harman and tells that we used to run behind him and he couldn’t be catchable. Preeto is teary eyes. Harak Singh says we have to take care of her, until we are alive. Preeto nods her head. Heer comes there and asks whom he wants to save. She asks them to save themselves from the cold first, says she didn’t like this romantic idea. She covers Harak Singh with shawl and asks Preeto to come inside, and wear sweater. Preeto hugs her and asks why you troubles me and then does sweet things to make me guilty. Heer says she is so charming. Preeto says I will bring your Dadu. Heer says it seems your romantic talks is still not over and asks them to continue. She asks them to take care and goes inside. Preeto says our Heer is like that, she worries for everyone. She says she is stubborn like Harman and loving like Soumya. She wishes Heer’s smile to remain same.

Soham, Rohan and Heer come to the college in the jeep. The boys wave hand at Heer. Heer waves hand at the guy. Soham gets angry and stops the jeep. Heer thinks siyappa happened, that’s why she has no friends in the college.

Precap: A guy proposes Heer and says I am in love with you. Soham beats him and makes him fall down. Heer helps him get up and asks his name. He says Viraj Singh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    I am still surprised the casting crew missed a trick not casting Shanno as a kinnar. she looks the real deal.

    1. Alister La Frenais

      Never a truer word spoken. Shannon looks more like a kinnar than the actresses taking the part of a kinnar.

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