Nimki Vidhayak 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rekha enters Minto’s house

Nimki Vidhayak 14th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi calls Nimki and says you have to come here if you want to see Mai alive. Nimki says I am coming, she ends the call. Sweety tells Nimki that you should focus on your life and ask Minto to focus on his life, send Mai to some old age home. Mahua says let Nimki go, Dadi might need her. Nimki says I will come back soon.

Nimki comes to Minto’s house. Dadi says Mai attacked a person today. Minto says she will understand the situation soon. Nimki says I know a person who can handle Mai. Rekha is coming soon.

Rekha comes to society and says I thought Nimki might call me to a palace.
Nimki tells Dadi that if Rekha can’t handle her then I will take her away. Dadi says take her away, I am waking her, she is in trouble here. Minto shouts at Dadi to stop. Dadi is shocked and says you never raised your voice on me, I am losing my Minto to that Mai. Minto says that can never happen. Dadi says you have become hers, you don’t talk to me anymore, you don’t give me time. I miss my grandson. She cries and says you are my life. Minto says there is nothing like that. I am repaying Nimki, she saved your life so I am taking care of Mai for you. Nimki says I understand Dadi’s trouble, I will take her away. Minto says see what Nimki is saying now. Rekha enters Minto’s house. Nimki hugs her. Rekha is shocked to see Minto.

Shankar tells Ganga that Nimki couldn’t understand that you were behind all that fiasco of the photo. Parag thinks that Nimki changed the situation and made people listen to her so easily.

Rekha screams seeing Minto. Nimki laughs. Rekha says he is totally like him. Nimki says who? We can’t see anyone here. Rekha is scared. Nimki says he is not Babbu, he is Minto. Minto says I was shocked to see Nimki’s reaction earlier too. Rekha says I hope she didn’t do what she did with Babbu, I hope he is in peace now. Nimki and Minto look on. Dadi asks her to go to Mai’s room. Rekha says this is a small house but it’s good, she leaves. Dadi says this girl is worst than Mai, she leaves.

Ganga comes to Parag and says ask Nimki about Mahua, win her trust so we can break it later. He nods and leaves.

Nimki and Minto have a tea at a tea stall. Minto says you let Rekha say what she wants to. Nimki says I handle everyone easily. Parag calls Nimki and asks how is her sister? She says thank you for asking, you can end the call. She ends the call.

Shankar comes to Ganga and says he is here. Ganga meets a man.

PRECAP- Mai tells the doctor that you should check Nimki. Nimki says why? your son might have a medical problem as well. Mai says how can you say that about him? Parag comes there and says what did she say?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is for the Habibs and Rakesh Kumar. What a great fall from Nimki Mukhiya of Dec 17 to Nimki Vidhayak Dec 19, from trp of near 3 to mere 0.8! What a catamorphosis from the league of ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and ‘Maila Anchal’ through to ‘Nautanki’ to ‘Videsia’ to ‘Domkachh’to now ‘Domghaunz’! This is just because of your of your adamance/obsession with firstly, your protagonist Nimki, and secondly, with drama. More than half of your audience, finding Nimki villainous, have parted company. Other half find that you don’t allow other characters to develop and match Nimki (if you do this, it will create better balance and a well contested and entertaining story), and are waiting to depart. Your other problem of obsession with drama is making it too spicy and too devoid of truthful content and agreeability. This will further erode your support base, and even your die-hard supporters may also start departing.

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