Nimki Vidhayak 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki takes a stand for Mahua

Nimki Vidhayak 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parag is about to make Mahua wear the medal but Mahua’s obscene pictures are thrown in the air. Tunee runs to her. Parag says who did this with her? I will not spare that person. Mahua cries. Nimki goes and holds her hand. She shows Mahua’s picture and says to the audience that you all want to see the naked picture of women but what do you want to find out? The principal says we will find the culprit. Nimki says we have to change the mindset that making a woman nude makes them cheap. Look at this photo carefully. Her face was stuck on someone else’s body but that woman is respected too. This body makes milk for you all, nobody’s body defines their honor. This girl is someone’s sister too, go and see if you are using your sister’s photos. A person who can do this can’t be a respected man, we have to remove these kinds of men from our society. I am proud of my sister, she has won this medal with hard work and she will get it. She takes the medal from Parag and makes Mahua wear it. Nimki hugs her. Parag and others clap for them. Nimki proudly takes Mahua from there. All people tear the cheaped edited photo.

Scene 2
Dadi asks Minto to throw that woman out of the house. They come out to see Mai beating a woman. Minto tries to stop her and says Amma let’s go inside. A person asks if she is mad? Minto shouts at them to leave, this is not a joke. Dadi looks on.

Nimki tells Tunee, Mahua and Dumri that we should be celebrating. Mahua has won a big prize.

Dadi is calling Nimki. Mai says how dare that woman talk against me? We rule this place. Minto asks her to calm down, this is not a palace and there is no Tettar here. Look at this place. Mai looks around and says we don’t have a palace anymore, where is our palace? Everything is finished. Minto says I am sorry, I said too much? Mai says no, everything is finished. Minto says but I am still with you. Mai says my Babbu is with me, you won’t leave me right? Minto says no and hugs her. He takes her from there. Dadi is tensed and says she is taking my Minto away from me.

Dumri tells Mahua that we have to bear this in this society. Mahua says they want to tarnish my image but why? Nimki says if I find that person then I won’t spare him. Abhi tells Tunee that this society is not good for women, I am scared to have a daughter. Tunee says don’t talk like this, we should think to change that mindset. Nimki says come and talk with us. We are a family. Abhi says you are right. Dadi calls Nimki and asks her to come here fast if she wants to see Mai alive.

PRECAP- Shankar tells Ganga that he is here. Ganga goes and meets a man.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Very good speech Nimki Ji. But not appealing at all from the mouth of a WOMAN WHO RAPES HER HUSBAND in public at her will. You cut no ice because you r extra marital, power greedy, you murdered your child and husband, you destroyed your in-laws for power, and because they didn’t allow u to run your writ. Don’t get misled by the applause and clapping of BDO, Tune etc. They r your stooges. Reform and repent for audience acceptance. Otherwise, trp will continue dipping, the serial will close, and u will lose your job.

    1. Wow, the Nimki b*t*h is barking gospels and farting sermons, and her stooges – Tune, Abhimanyu et all are saying “wah, wah …”

    2. So true. Nimki, u have well explained how videos can be morphed the way the morphed wants to. After all you and your stooges, BDO, Tune and others are masters of the game. You and your team did it so well to make your FIL Tetar lose the MLA election. And you repeated your performance in making fake video to justify how your late husband Babbu was using you to win election of MLA, and then used it to kill your husband Babbu, and become MLA yourself. Would u still prefer to call yourself Heroine or a Vamp that you actually are. Whatever. You are a b*t*h and an all-time whore.

  2. Nimki is witty, compassionate and smart. Love her character in the serial. Good show.

    1. She is only selectively compassionate, only when it suits her, otherwise she is inhuman and ruthless. Yes, she is witty and smart, but negatively, the apt word for her this trait is cunning.Good that you love her. But she does not spare even her lovers. She will make you her stooge, or she will destroy you too.

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