Manmohini 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kamal on Ananya’s side

Manmohini 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki comes to Ananya and threatens her to stay away from her Shiv. Ananya replies she is already away from Shiv, she doesn’t care for him anymore. She tells Ketki to go, have fun and live a happy life.
Sunanda was in her room, restlessly waiting. Kamal comes room and tells Sunanda that Ananya will never take Shiv’s name again. He has always fulfilled her desires. Sunanda hugs Kamal, and recalls how she peeked through the window when Ananya had hugged Kamal.

Amma ji performs the Pooja. She then asks Shiv and Ketki to write their names with turmeric on the papers. Shiv writes his name, while Ketki takes her turn. Amma ji asks Radha to bring some unmarried girl to take these papers to God. Radha suggests Ananya’s name as Ketki’s unmarried sister. Ananya takes the paper, looks towards Shiv for once and takes the paper forward. All at once, she slips and the pricks her hand. The names on the paper were erased. Ananya wonders what kind of signal this is. Kamal joins Ananya’s side and says one must never lose true love at any cost. The father-daughter duo smile towards each other. Ananya says if this is Mahadev and her Papa’s wish, she will write Shiv in her fate now.

Ketki’s friend takes her for dance. She invites Shiv as well. Ananya stood behind a couch and injures her finger with a nail. Amma ji and Kamal were attentive at her scream. Shiv was uneasy watching her blood. Shiv turns his face away. Ananya runs upstairs to apply turmeric on her injured finger. Shiv follows upstairs. Ananya decides she has to be Jhansi ki Rani to get her love. She turns around to find Shiv. He stood with his eyes closed, still dips Ananya’s hand in a glass of water. Ananya silently asks why he is doing this, who she is. No one leaves his fiancé for a friend. Shiv doesn’t reply. Ananya says this loud silence, these emotions; are these misunderstandings. Why he has zero comfort level with Ketki then. He is holding her hand so rightfully, but wasn’t easy with holding Ketki’s hand while they danced. Shiv was still silent. He turns to leave but Ananya stops his way. He walks away anyways.

Ananya walks downstairs. Kamal was waiting for Ananya and looks towards her intently. He wonders when his daughter grew up to take her decisions herself. Ananya says taking a decision is really easy, she now has the requisite strength in face of her father. She says Ananya and Kamal never leave anything undone so easily. Kamal still appeared tensed and asks if Shiv loves her equally as well; what if he hurts Ketki or Ananya.

In the room, Shiv was tensed how to keep Ananya protected from that witch. He calls Dai Maa. Dai Maa was restless to come to Amritsar. Shiv forbids her strictly, as the witch will then be sure and Ananya will be in danger. He requests Dai Maa to sing him the lullaby. He lay down and remembers his mother.
Ananya comes to the room. Ketki was checking internet for some cool and handsome bachelor boys. She asks what if her decision to marry Shiv is an urgent one. Ketki says its just a marriage, she will just check if it works else they can always part their ways. Ananya was tensed that Ketki has been ruining lives of all of them; she challenges that now Ananya will marry Shiv not Ketki.

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