Nimki Mukhiya 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki hears Babbu will divorce her

Nimki Mukhiya 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti comes to abhi’s house. He says you? SHe says i heard Elena’s finger was cut. He says please come in. She meets elena. Sweeti says I got kheer for her. Elena says I love kheer. Abhi serves them kheer. She says it must be difficult for you to manage right? He says no I just manage. Let’s eat. She says loneliness never leaves you alone. Sometimes you feel alone in a bunch of people too.

Babbu asks parbatiya where is Nimki? She says don’t know. She might have gone to BDO. Babbu comes to Tettar. Parbatiya drops tea on the papers. Ritu says thank God paper is fine. Ritu says this is your divorce paper.
Parbaiya sees nimki and says you are here. I spilled tea on some papers. Tettar was angry. Nimki says I will handle. Nimki wonders what are they talking about.
Tettar says get these divorce papers ready. BAbbu says how about nimki’s sign? Ritu says I got her signature on white paper already. Babbu says wow well done. Nimki overhears everything. Tettar says two days after elections she will be out of this house. Nimki breaks a vase and hides. They all come out to check but no one is there.

Tettar asks Parbatiya who was here? Nimki? Parbatiya says no she wasn’t here.

Scene 2
Ismail says I will vote for tettar. A man says because of Ram? Ram says vote whoever you want. Other man says I think nehar will win. They both fight. Nimki calls tune and says I am coming home to talk.
Sweeti says I should leave. Elena says promise you will come again. She says yes I will Mausi comes home. She meets everyone. Mausi sees sweeti and asys nimki sent you? Abhi says she came to see elena. Sweeti gives her water. sHe leaves.
Elena says mausi dadi I will show you new dress. Mausi says elena is so close to sweeti. She looks like her mom. Abhi says what? Mausi says sweeti is married otherwise.. Abhi says get fresh and lets have kheer. sweeti got it.

Nimki says to Ram stay away from elections. You have to go out for work. Ram says to Nimki Chandan keeps calling chachi and asks her to sign the papers all the time. Mauha says papa told her to sign it Nimi says well done papa. Even if babu divorces me you will tell me the same thing right? Ram is dazed.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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