Kaleerein 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar Alleges Vivan Of Stealing Golden Idol

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Pinky tries to lure Vivan. Vivan angrily warns her to get out. She says they teach in Soni Kudi how to comfort a friend in distress. Vivan says just… She leaves. On the other side, Meera tells Dolly they should not stoop low like others, else there would not be any difference between us and them. Dolly says she is her mother and knows she felt bad seeing Amar insulting Vivan, Vivan insulted her many times, let Amar take revenge. Meera says no.. Dolly asks her to be normal, let Vivan and Amar sort out their differences. Meera and vivan reminisce their happier days. A romantic song…plays in the background.

Vivan then goes to kitchen to drink water. Laali with Pinky walks into room. Pinky says it is very dark, where is electric switch. Laali asks to switch on mobile torch. They see golden idol. Dolly lifts it and takes it way while Pinky locks door. They see someone in house and hide. Vivan returns. Pinky goes to him and says she came to check how is he and silenly keeps key. Vivan says he is fine. Pinky says she knows Vivan needs a friend most, she knows she made a mistake and even he did, she came to correct her mistake, he should forgive her. Vivan asks to call Meera as she is not talking to him.

Dolly sees Amar standing near window and asks what happened. Amar says wherever he sees, he sees Meera’s face and like any other father, he wants to see her daughter happily in her sasural like a child, but Vivan ruined his daughter’s life. Dolly asks him to accept Meera and Vivan’s relationship. Amar shouts he does not want to discuss about it and asks her to go and sleep. She leaves. He sees Vivan going outside and thinks Vivan is running away and forgot all his love drama in 1 day. He thinks he won and happily goes and sleep. Dolly asks what happened. Amar says he will get peaceful sleep now.

Meera reminisces Amar insulting Vivan sadly. She peeps from window and sees Vivan going outside and stops him. Their confrontations start. Vivan says he is not bothered about her father’s tests and will do anything for her. She asks him to return back. He says he is kabbadi player’s husband and will not accept defeat so easily.

While Vivan and Meera are busy in nok jhok, Dolly with Pinky steals god’s golden idol from room and hides it under a basket outside. Dolly then says tomorrow they will not find idol and will blame Vivan, Vivan will vent out his anger and will be thrown in jail, he will hate Meera. Pinky says then she will take food for Vivan in jail and make him fall in her love. Laali says then they all 3 will go to London, they both and Vivan. Pinky says she is very genius and hugs her.

Next morning, Amar happily gets out of his room thinking Vivan must have gone, but gets angry seeing Vivan brooming house. His friend comes and asks to return golden idol. Amar goes to get it and is shocked to not find it. He walks out and informs idol is missing. Laali and Pinky stand smirking. Amar’s friend asks who must have stolen idol. Amar says Vivan and says Vivan was guarding idol. Vivan says he was, but went out for sometime. Amar shouts to tell where he hid idol and slaps him.

Precap: Amar’s friends trash Vivan brutally. Meera rescues Vivan and challenges she will find out idol and even expose thieves. Amar’s friend warns if she fails, Vivan will be arrest by police.

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  1. Well, even Vivaan had never been never this rude and indecent to Meera’s family when they were caretakers of his house..They never had to sleep in mosquito infested dungeons and do menial jobs and were never referred to as servants.,neither were they called thieves….we all know they enjoyed all the luxuries of the mansion including individual bedrooms with four poster beds….I am not saying that Vivaan should be excused so easily for what he had done ,but this sort of revenge by Amar looks really mean ,cheap and distasteful….And he has exceeded all his limits today by sapping Vivaan,…I wonder where was this guy’s aggression just a few episodes back…Whatever it is ,this new face of Vivaan’s personality is completely in contrast to that brash,hot headed and inpatient businessman that we have been used to….Yes,he has many weak points but still it hurts to see him being treated in ths manner…Laali and her daughter are not even worth mentioning …

  2. Trisha

    I know what Vivaan did to Meera was really bad and he deserves to be punished…but this is really hard to watch ???

  3. I’m just reading the updates till the track changes.

  4. Rediculous…..how can Amar slap Vivaan.dis track is totally unacceptable….m damn sure if dis track continues like dis trp’ll fall down…..

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