Nimki Mukhiya 6th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Tune comes back home

Nimki Mukhiya 6th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tune says I am leaving stop me if you can.
The drycleaner comes to take clothes. He asks Parbatya will babbu be jailed? Annaro says how dare you say that. Dablo says wash this shirt with blood too. Anaro says you are against your family. He says did you feel any humanity when you did that to Nimki?

Abhi says to Mausi see what is she upto. Nimki says nothing is more important than uniting two lovers. Mausi says when will you think about yourself and Abhi. I will get you two married after the case. Nimki is shy.

Babbu says Ritu left the option of kidnapping Tune too. Tettar says that Dablo helped her while being in our family. Babu says I will handle it my way. Ritu says you have to calm down. Tettar says you can’t do anything. Jharya says I don’t think that lawyer would save Babbu. Tettar slaps him.

Nimki says they are in love. Mauha says if salman knows about your plan he would be angry. Tune comes home and tells them everything. Nimki says they are in tension. Mono hugs Tune. He cries. Tune says what happened. Mono says what if they harmed you. Tune hugs him back. Ramla comes and says salman’s dad is going to see another girl. Nimki says we have our own ways. She sends salman and rubina’s pictures to someone.

Babbu recalls what happened in the court. He says to Annaro I will ruin that Nimki’s life. She challenged me every time. she should have been grateful that we brought her here. I would kill her but I want her to have a regret for life. I would not even touch her but I ruined her name in front of everyone. She messed with the wrong person.

Salman’s parents come to Ismail. They say Salman the girl and her family said no. THis happened because of your daughter. Nimki says that’s becasue you are a sick man. He says see this picture. What is Rubina doing with salman? Nimki says what is salman doing with her? Tell us. They like each other. Ganesh says your son would be defamed not Rubina. Nimki says we will get them nikkafied. Salman’s dad says I wont let that happen.

Precap-Annaro says I will write Babbu’s fate with my hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This total garbage is beyond worse! Dumb idiots are bringing in unnecessary characters just to prolong this STUPID show! And all the characters are just bull sheeet

    1. i totally agree no more comment to add maybe they will get the hint

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