Pyaar Ke Papad 6th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika misunderstands Omkar

Pyaar Ke Papad 6th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triloki scolding Shivika for getting him insulted. Shivika apologizes and says I didn’t know how the onion came in it. Triloki asks why are you having enmity towards me. He scolds Devki and Shivika. Shalu asks how did the onions come in the kitchen. Alankar worries. He acts good and asks the guests to leave. He shuts the gate. Shivika sits crying. Alankar says I believe you can’t do this, how did the onions come here, just think if any stranger came home. Shivika says who will come here, everyone went out, just Omkar had come. She goes.

Omkar hears the women talking about Shivika getting Triloki insulted. He gets shocked and rushes to meet Shivika. GST accompanies him. Shivika thinks of him and throws his gift. She cries and says I didn’t know you had come to spoil things, you didn’t do good. Shivika says I will go and answer Omkar. Devki asks where are you going. Triloki stops Shivika from going out and asks her to take his permission every time she goes out. He says you can still go out but remember, don’t return home, you can leave forever.

Omkar and GST come there to meet her. GST asks him to call her. Omkar calls her. She doesn’t answer, seeing Triloki. Omkar walks in to meet her. Triloki stops him. GST worriedly looks on. Omkar asks for Shivika. Triloki asks how dare you come here, get out, else I will call the police. Omkar says its really imp. Triloki pushes him out and asks him not to dare come again.

Omkar says I will meet Shivika, no matter what happens. He throws a note for Shivika and goes away. She reads the note. Triloki gets a call from the temple chief. He goes to meet him. Shivika, family and Alankar come along. Chobey and others stop Triloki from entering the temple since he has insulted Brahmans. Shivika apologizes to pandit. Pandit says its a big sin, Triloki can’t be forgiven.

Pandit and Triloki argue. Shivika asks Triloki not to apologize. Triloki says parents have to bear punishment of children’s mistake, I can’t accept that someone blames me, I m ready to bear the punishment and only then I will come to temple. Omkar calls Shivika. She doesn’t answer. GST says I don’t think she will come, shall we go home. Omkar says I will wait for her until she comes. She says I won’t come, I will never forgive you.

GST says you are very stubborn. Omkar asks why didn’t you come to meet me Shivika. Triloki washes the temple and does strict rituals. Omkar asks Shivika about Triloki. She slaps Omkar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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