Nimki Mukhiya 30th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety questioned for going to Abhi’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 30th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mai that Sweety went to give lunch to Abhi. Mai shouts to stop it. Babbu comes there and asks what happened? Mai says your sister took food for Abhi. Babbu angrily leaves. Mai says to Nimki that stop your game otherwise I will make your life hell. Nimki says you are trying to stop my freedom, you have put a limit so remember to not come on my side otherwise your BP will increase. Nimki lies down to sleep. Mai glares at her.

Elena asks Sweety what she brought? Sweety puts food down for them. Abhi thanks her and asks her to have lunch with them. Sweety says I will eat in palace. Elena says eat with us, this is not palace, ladies and gents eat separately there. Abhi says we dont have any such rule so please sit. Sweety sits down. Abhi serves her food. She smiles. Sweety

gives food to Elena. They start eating. Abhi says I am sure Nimki didnt make it, you made it? its very nice. Sweety thanks him. Abhi says I am thankful to you and your family for taking care of Elena. Sweety says Elena brought life in palace. Abhi says you can come to meet Elena anytime. Sweety smiles. Babbu comes there and glares at them. He asks Sweety why she came here? come with me, lets go. Sweety says we will go after eating. Babbu says when did you start caring for these people more than mother? who is this Abhi to you? Abhi says why you are getting angry. Babbu says this is my and my sister’s matter, he asks Sweety to sit in car, I am not Tettar that will listen to you silently so come with me without any argument. Sweety sadly leaves from there. Abhi says you shouldnt be insulting your sister like this infront of someone else. Babbu says she shouldnt have come here. Elena says why he was angry? Abhi says they will never change their thinking, we men dont understand friendships. Elena says Babbu have many friends, will Sweety be scolded now? Abhi looks on.

Scene 2
Tettar says to Sweety that should I focus on election or all this? Nimki says it was not Sweety’s fault. Mai says keep your mouth shut, its our family matter. Nimki says I was going but.. Sweety says Nimki you dont have to say anything and I didnt do anything. Babbu says dont you have any shame that you went there? Nimki says but.. Babbu shouts shut up, Tettar asks her to leave, Sweety asks her to go. Nimki says fine, I will go, but let me tell you, its not Sweety’s fault, its your thinking that is wrong. Mai asks her to go way. Tettar throws a pot in Nimki’s direction but it doesnt hurt her. Nimki looks at Babbu in shock. Nimki says to Tettar that dont be so angry, you can get stuck in domestic violence case, she leaves. Tettar says to Ritu that I am sorry. Ritu says I care about you more, think that my wife is going alone to give food to Abhi, what if Nahar takes her photo and prints in whole village? we will lose elections. Rekha says your wife is going somewhere else and you are thinking about politics only? Ritu says if I thought about my honor then I would be talking about divorce but I am worried about Tettar and his respect. Tettar says to Sweety that if you go to Abhi’s house anymore then I will dig you alive, he leaves. Ritu leaves too. Nimki says to Sweety that what are you doing? Nimki goes to Abhi because she knows him but whats your relation with Abhi? Sweety says in this palace, no one understand mother, daughter, wife, son, father relation so no one would understand a relation without any name.

Ram says to Mauha that I am worried about Abhi, how he will take care of Elena? Mauha says yes we can call them there, they can stay here with us. Ram says he wont listen. Mauha says but he will listen to Nimki for sure.

Nimki is sitting in her room and recalls how family insulted her and how Tettar threw a pot at her. She thinks Tettar didnt do right, he doesnt know what I am capable of.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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