Baking with Love (twinj Os ) ( Happy Birthday Janavi )

Hi guys , hope u are all fine . This Os is dedicated to my soul sister Cadbury aka Janavi . Today is her birthday & I want that u all wished her as she deserve all the wishes .


Kunj is searching twinkle everywhere when he see her in kitchen . He move toward her who is busy in something .

Kunj : What are u making ?

Twinkle : Nothing….just thought to make a cake . You like chocolate cake very much.

Kunj : So, it’s for me …

He said with wide smile .

Twinkle : Maybe or Maybe not . I am making it for all.

Kunj : Ohh….Let me helping u .

Twinkle : Not at all , You can’t do that & u will destroy it .

She said chuckling .

Kunj : There is nothing which Kunj Sarna can’t do.

Twinkle : Please don’t say these type of dialogues . One more thing cooking is not so easy as u thought.

Kunj : Anything is not impossible for me .You are challenging me.

Twinkle : Kunj, Stop behaving like stubborn kid . When did I challenge u ? I just said that u can’t manage as cooking is not game & especially baking.

Kunj snatch bowl from her hand & she give him questioning look.

Twinkle : What !

Kunj : Now , I am going to make it & prove u that I am best.

She nods her head in disbelief.

Twinkle : Leave it , This is not ur business deal.We want cake not poison.

Kunj : Wait….I will show u that I am better cook than u .

He said frowning while she giggle.

Kunj start beating the batter with great speed & chocolate fall on his face . Twinkle chuckle at his condition & it make him irritated.

Kunj : Why are u standing here .Go from here now. By the way Chocolate face pack is good for face ? .

Twinkle : No, I am not going anywhere .I want to see how u are going to make cake .

Kunj : Don’t stand on my head or else I don’t concentrate on cake.

He said while giving a lame excuse.

Twinkle : Why can’t u say clearly . Maybe u want to take someone’s help & want to hide from me. Better u accept that u can’t do it.

Kunj : Shut up ! Nothing is like that . Stand here only & see how I will bake cake more better than u .

He move to take ingredients till then Twinkle beat the batter while hiding from him.

He come back & found bowl on different place .

Kunj : How it come here ?

He look suspiciously toward her.

Twinkle : I think it is this much difficult for u that it is affecting ur memory.

Kunj : I know u are trying to messed my cake .

Twinkle : Really ….I have much important work from this .

Kunj make weird face & start mixing the ingredient .

She look at him who forget to mix some ingredients & she patted her own head.

He then move to take cake mould till then twinkle mix all ingredients in proper amount.

Kunj : Finally I did it . What were u saying that I can’t do it . Look , I complete it.

He said while giving victorious smile to her & she smiled seeing his innocence.

Twinkle : Ohh….Wait a sec….Who is going to bake the cake . It’s not completed yet.

Kunj : It’s not a big deal ….Let me put it in oven..

Kunj see which is already preheated & get in deep thinking while Twinkle give hidden smile.

Twinkle : What are u doing ? Put the mould in oven.

She said while ordering . Kunj put cake in oven & after some time he take the cake out . He give satisfactory smile & she too smiled.

He excitedly taste it .

Kunj : This is same taste like when u make cake .

Twinkle : Because ingredient are same.

Kunj : No , because u secretly help me .

She stare him shockingly .

Twinkle : You already know everything .

He nods her head .

Twinkle : Then why didn’t u told me .

Kunj : I thought to doing drama like u .

She smile & put a bite of cake in her mouth.

Twinkle : It’s very different in taste?

Kunj (confusedly ) : How …

Twinkle : Because it’s get bake from love . I don’t know who is better but when we do anything together then it’s best .

Kunj : Yeah ….So , I get to know that we can’t bake a cake without each other.

Twinkle : No, I don’t need ur help.

Kunj : You again started .

They both start laughing looking at each others eyes .


Wishing u Happy Birthday ? dear Cadbury ? . May ur all dreams come true & ur all wishes get fulfil . Be always with me & Love u a lot ? ? .

Hope u like this surprise .


Your Rasgulla aka Niyati ?

Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors.

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  1. Somya13

    Waah waah….Tm or twinj….Impressive… was fantabulous….Loved twinj scenes…..Write more on twinj…….Lots of love….

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Somu ……love u a lot dear ? ?

  2. Somya13

    Nd yeah….Many many happy returns of the day Janvi…..

    1. Niyati

      Thanks for ur wishes dearie ? ?

  3. happy birthday jaanvi..god bless u dear …
    it was superb cute..
    luved it
    keep posting more

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for wishes as well as comments….Lots of love ? ?

  4. Loved it niyati di though I don’t know u but u have great writing skills loveC it. And happy birthday to ajnabi di may God give her all the happiness and di plss do keep writing twinj os Love u take care

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear , your words matter me a lot . Lots of love ? ?

  5. Awesome & cute os dear
    Plzzzz write more dear
    Happy birthday janavi
    Luvvvv u

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur wishes as well as comment ….?

  6. Superb..
    cute os
    loved it

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment .?

  7. SSK

    Amazing OS.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment ?

  8. SSK

    Amazing OS. 🙂

  9. Secret_Admirer

    Cute OS ❣

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear ?

  10. Ramya

    Awesome and cite

    1. Niyati

      Thank you so much dear ?

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