Nimki Mukhiya 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti runs from the house

Nimki Mukhiya 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo says sweeti is upset. Babbu you should talk to her. Babbu comes towards her room. Nimki says to Sweeti abhi must be on his way. Lets go. Sweeti comes out of the window. Babbu is going near the room but annaro stops and tells him to go somewhere. Nimki and Sweeti sneak out. They sit in Tune’s car. The driver says engine is not working. Nimki says do something. He tries to start the car. Babbu comes out. The car starts before they see them.

Tettar says Babbu get the arrangements ready. Call pandit. Babu says jhariya go get pandit.
Elena says are you happy papa? He says it all happening so fast. Elena says we will all go out of city. She is my mummy now right? Abhi says she might not like it. Give her time. Elena says she is very sweet. Abhi and Elena sing oo suniyo re.
Nimki plays the same song in the car. Tune says don’t worry about anything. Nimki says I always wanted to run from home and get married but you are getting married this way. Pandit says is she running from home? Tune says we are talking about running the car.
Nehar’s car is broken on the same road. He sees Sweeti in bridal dress with Nimki. tune says nimki that was nehar. He saw us.

Ritu says Sweeti, your game will end today. i am back to haveli. You will be mine again. Nehar calls Ritu and says your game is going to be over forever. tettar is getting Sweeti married. Ritu says she is getting married to me again. Nehar says oh nice. You are doing in temple. Ritu says no it is happening in the house.
Nehar says to ritu if wedding is in the house why is Sweeti going to temple dressed as a bride? Ritu says what? He looks for Sweeti everywhere. Tettar says what happened. Abhi drives past nehar. Nehar calls Ritu. Ritu goes to Sweeti’s room and says Sweeti fled the house. Everyone is dazed.
Nimki says everything is ready. Come forward Abhi and Sweeti. We have to hurry up. Sweeti and Abhi sit down.
Everyone looks for Sweeti. Nehar calls Ritu and says BDO went there in Sherwani too. Ritu says Nimki took Sweeti to temple to get her married to Abhi.

The wedding starts. Annaro says she couldn’t understand. She has ruined our family name. Tettar says I will teach her a lesson. Diamond says I will kill BDO. Annaro says Sweeti will be punished first. Go and stop this wedding Babbu. Do anything. If you even have to kill Sweeti to stop this wedding do it. Ritu says she is immature. Tettar says she is doing intentionally. Babbu leaves in anger. Ritu pretends to be fainted.
Abhi and Sweeti make each other wear garland.

Babbu says she back-stabbed us all. How could she. Diamond says I wont leave her today.
Diamond and Babbu are on their way. Pandit ji says who will tie the knot?

Precap-Abhi is about to fill Sweeti’s hairline. Babbu comes there and shoots them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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