Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids lose confidence following Pratibha’s advice

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Panjiri, Pratibha and Prema making chart of the girls’ preference with their pics on it. The girls ask for their tiffins while sitting on the dining table. Prema brings their milk. They drink milk. Pari brings their school bags. Pratibha brings their tiffins while Panjiri brings water bottles. Prarthana does the puja and give them aarti. They check the time and it is 8 am. They shout happily. Kanhaiya asks what happened? Pratibha says today we can send the kids to school. Prema says they got ready 30 mins before. Kanhaiya says why did you get ready and says today is Sunday. All wives get sad. Dhairya says she wanted to say, but nobody listened to them. Kanhaiya says best thing is that you got successful to get them ready before time. His wives get ready. Shakti says they will enjoy holiday today. Pari takes selfie with everyone.

Kunti and Sarla are buying vegetable. Sarla reads the message and tells about the neighbor’s son who is forced to study. Kunti says they don’t make her grand daughters scared. Sarla says they might have scared seeing your face. Kunti says we don’t force them to do anything, but we motivate them to do what they want.

Pratap asks Dhairya to run till the finishing line, but she couldn’t even walk. Panjiri says you have to take part in 100 mts race and asks her to run. Pratap says I will run with you and you have to make me lose. He runs, but Dhairya walks slowly. Panjiri worriedly asks her to run. Pratibha comes and asks what happened? Pratap tells that Dhairya is not running. Pratibha asks him not to make her do which she doesn’t want to do. Panjiri says that’s why they want her to do. Pratibha says Dhairya is not meant to run. Panjiri says we shall try to run. Pratibha says we can’t force her and gives example of balloon. She shows the book and tells that this book is about giving good upbringing to kids. She says we shall not hide anything from kids and shall accept them the way they are. She says if we show fake dreams then they aim to become something, but when they fail they get disappointed. She says this is written in the book. Pratap jokes. Pratibha asks Dhairya not to participate in race.

Buddhi teases Shakti for not using her mind for writing the speech. Surili says she will win in the competition. Buddhi says she will become doctor when grown up. Shakti says she wrote it. Surili says he wrote it. They tell that they will use different approach when they become. Buddhi says you have copied my speech. They argue. Pratibha hears them and looks at the book. She comes inside. Sarla tells Kunti that she enjoyed golgappa and sits down. Kunti hears sound coming. Sarla says she didn’t do anything. Prema finds the toy under the chair. Chanchal says it is chanchal attack. Prema apologizes to Sarla.

Pratibha tells Surili and Shakti that only Buddhi can become Doctor. Surili asks why, as we go to same school. Pratibha says everyone don’t have same capability and says you will thank me one day. She asks them not to disheartened and says you can do some other work. Buddhi says I will take care of you all after becoming a doctor. Imagination scene starts, Buddhi dressed as a doctor coming to hall. She sees Shakti, Surili, Chanchal and Dhairya working as household help for her. She calls for water. Chanchal gives her water. Buddhi asks them when they will learn to do the work rightly and scolds them. She asks them to sing for her. Surili signs song. Shakti says Padhakhu mummy said that we can’t become anything and says you are milk and we are water according to the book. Imagination ends. Chanchal asks if we can’t do anything. Surili signs song. Chanchal says Surili can sing, but we can’t. She says I have just Chanchal attack. Shakti says Pratibha mummy said that we shall not waste time to think. Chanchal says then why do we go to school then if we don’t have any mind.

Chanchal tells Prarthana that she will not do homework and will not go to school. She asks her to give school bag to Kunti to buy vegetable in it. Pratibha asks why she don’t want to go. Dhairya translates. Pari asks if you understand Prarthana’s language. Dhairya says if mummy understand then me too. Prarthana gets happy. Chanchal tells that she don’t want to go as pratibha mummy said that they can’t become anything.

Prema tells Pratibha that kids are scared with her words and don’t want to go to school. Kunti tells her that life doesn’t work using book. She says we have to motivate and praise then. The kids decide to do mischief.

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