Nimki Mukhiya 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki and babbu go to lunch

Nimki Mukhiya 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amma says to Jhariya go there and be with them. Don’t come back. He says I can’t go and rushes to washroom. Dadi laughs. Amma leaves in anger.
Elena shows her dress to Abhi. She says see my dress. He says its pretty. Abhi cooks. Mausi says will you be able to see them together. He says Nimki is my friend. She says I know your heart. Elena says I am ready. Nimki comes. Elena runs outside. Babbu stands on the gate. Nimki says come in. he comes in and says welcome to Abhi’s house. Elena says you look pretty. Nimki says no you look pretty. Nimki says no you look pretty. Abhi shakes hand with babbu. Elena says babbu uncle nimki is pretty right? Abhi says lets go in. Elena says isn’t she the prettiest. He nods. Nimki smiles.
Abhi says lets go in. Elena says to babbu and you look like a thug. Babbu says you called me to insult you. Nimki says she is a child. Mausi syas I am sorry from her side. Come in please.

Rekha says to amma Babbu went with her anyway. She is so clever. Sweeti says please be quite. She says they must be having a good date. Tettar is angry. Amma says what happened. He says why would you care. you only care about where is your babu. Amma says she took him on lunch and tomorrow she will take him everywhere. Tettar says whats the big deal take it easy. Get the food reaady. I have to go for elections work then.

Nimki says to Abhi you look smart. Mausi says to nimki don’t say smart to another man in presence of your husband. she says my husband is smart too. Elena says but less than my papa. Abhi says thanks for coming babbu. Nimki says why wouldn’t have come. Nimki says he is here for the first time. If I didn’t marry Babbu I would have married Abhi but he would have wanted an educated girl. Mausi syaas lets go for food. Nimki says this house looks so much home to me. She says to babu get an ac for my rooom summers are round the corner. Mausi says do you have a separate room and why doesn’t it have AC? Babbu says she is talking about our room. Abhi says lets go for food.

Scene 2
In ghat tola, chachi serves everryone food. Tune says what is this. Mauha says it looks delicious.
Nimki and everyone eats food. Elena says papa made this pasta. Nimki says i love it. Elena and nimki eat it. Nimki syas to babbu i love it. I ate it here for the first time. He says in heart now I have to eat it too. Nimki says I can read your heart what did you say. Elena says if you could read hearts you could have read mine and papa’s.
Precap-Nimki makes babbu eat. Abhi takes their pictures and sends to amma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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