Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Consumes Cocaine To Prove Srikant Innocent

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant asks Sweety to wait. Sweety is Media is away from here. Media comes there and questions Srikant about the case. Siddhant says I am his lawyer and tells that he don’t need to save Srikant as he is already innocent. KK waits for Srikant and talks to Prabhakar. Karthik calls and asks Srikant, where is he? Srikant says I am coming. Anushka blames Siddhant for informing Media. Siddhant says I am doing big thing and everyone shall know. Anushka says I had requested you and you…Siddhant says you don’t trust me. Anushka tells Srikant that Siddhant called media there. Siddhant defends himself and tells that Judge Bansal don’t like phones to ring in court room. Srikant asks how do you know? Siddhant jokes that Bansal is his sasur. KK announces Srikant as the head of the reddy trust. Media comes there and tells KK about case on Srikant’s name. KK watches news and says he trusts India’s law and order. He says he is sure Srikant is innocent and if he is guilty then the head will be…Karthik is about to get up, but KK takes Prabhakar’s name shocking everyone. KK says Prabhakar has clean image. Neeta and Karthik are upset.

Sweety asks Siddhant not to talk unnecessarily in court. Judge Bansal asks how did he come so early. Siddhant says Karma. Judge says you do good karma then you will get moksha.

Prosecution lawyer tells Judge about drugs and drunk and drive case. He presents Inspector, witness and the lab technician who have done the test. Prabhakar calls Anushka and asks who is the lawyer. Anushka says Siddhant. Prabhakar is shocked and recalls Siddhant taking his blessings. He says I am coming there. Prosecution Lawyer asks Judge to punish Srikant so that no rich guy do any mistake and fear law. Siddhant says shall I say or you will tell the verdict. He tells that Srikant’s car was on wrong side as he was going home. He tells that the driver who claimed that he was saved, was came from wrong side. He says he has filed case against him. He says you found drugs with Siddhant and thought that he had taken drugs, but there was no traces of drugs in his blood. Prosecution lawyer tells that report can be compromised.

Siddhant says Prosecution lawyer sood is after my client as he thinks my client is rich and have earned money with wrong means. He asks if earning money and becoming rich is bad. He requests Judge not to make wrong perception about anyone. Judge asks him to come to point. Siddhant says it is a planned conspiracy and says someone don’t want Srikant to go to the meeting during which Srikant will be declared head of the Reddy group and then he will not get airlines deal. He says this is not a drug, but sugar. Sood says it is much for 3-4 people consumption. Siddhant says if 1 person have this then what will happen, Sood says then he will die. Siddhant have the cocaine shocking everyone.

Sood asks Judge to wait and thinks Cocaine will show its effect on Siddhant. Siddhant says what do you think, what will happen to me. He then faints. Anushka is shocked.

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