Nimki Mukhiya 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi mad at Nimki

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Nimki Mukhiya 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says Ritu wont go to Ritu’s room. Tettar says Ritu take sweeti to room. i will see how you stop. Babbu says I wll see how he steps in her room. Ritu says I will show you what a father is. Annaro says sweeti go to your room and stop all this. Sweeti says I want to see if a father hates his daughter more or a brother loves his sister more.

Babbu says this man can live in your house but not in Sweeti’s room. Tettar takes out his gun and puts it on Babu. Babbu puts gun on ritu. He says this Ritu is gone today. Annaro says please stop all these. Babbu shoots towards Ritu. Ritu is scared. He says I wont go to her room. I can live anywhere. Tettar says go to Sweeti’s room. Ritu says all house is mine. I will move to another room. He runs to another room. Tettar is angry.

Ganesh says I don’t know how Babbu apologized. Chachi says I think he is repenting. Ganesh says no. He is just doing drama. This is part of a big game. Nimki hears all this.
Abhi recalls what Nimki said. He recalls when Nimki was rapes. Abhi says Mausi light isn’t working. I will break it. Mausi says this is Babu’s anger. Mausi says this child will add Babbu to Nimki’s life. Nimki calls Mausi says pick it. He says I dont’ want to talk. Please go. Nimki sends her photo to Abhi. She says I am Nimki why are you not replying? You have seen all the messages. Abhi sits there in anger. Nimki sleeps. Abhi turns his phone off.

Scene 2
Tettar says Ritu where are you he. He says I am here. I slept in the other room. Babu comes. He says don’t dare going to Sweeti’s room. Ritu says I am not. Tettr says to Ritu I will fix everything. Ritu says I know. Tettar says we have to go Mahatu. Go change. Ritu says my clothes are in Sweeti’s room. Should I go? Tettar says yes.
Sweeti sees Babu’s childhood photos. Sweeti says you held my hand again. Ritu says aw siblings love. Sweeti says what are you doing here. He says I need reasons to see you. He picks the clothes. sweeti says take your clothes and keep there where you live. You slept in servant quarter and soon you will be out of this house. Ritu says I am the jackle here. I keep lion on my side. Tettar is on my side. Sweeti says no Babu. Ritu gets scared and falls. Sweeti laughs.

Moray lal comes to office. He says I brought mangoes for you. Mausi says you are back? He says sir was missing me. Mausi says he was getting hiccups. Moray lal says Nimki must be missing him. Nimki says no one will eat these mangoes. These are for elena. elena hugs nimki. Nimki says elena your papa told you what to say when someone apologizes? SHe says you say its okay. Abhi says let’s go to the office. Nimki says you didn’t respond to my texts or calls. You can’t go anywhere. He says what would you do? Tell Babbu? Nimki says you’re jealous already? I forgave him didn’t start an affair. You are my boyfriend. Mausi says you forgave him. Abhi says how did you forgive? He did.. Nimk says forgave didn’t forget. Do you trust me?

Precap-Tettar says to Babbu I did all that to get you votes in the election. Sweeti says to Babbu I know you lied.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This garbage has no place on tv. This show has no story but has all the filthy ideas and trashy crap!END this sheeety.

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