Mere Sai 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Shows Usha And Shantaram’s Mistakes

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Mere Sai 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath and Nirmala travel on cart with Kaustuth. He says they left Shirdi. Nirmala says she is feeling nervous and thinks something wrong will happen. Eknath asks her to relax. Cart driver says it happens usually when they leave their hometown. Nirmala reminisces making Anand sleep and says she wants to meet Ananand Shantaram once. Eknath says she is right and asks cart driver take back car to Shirdi. Sai is seen as driver taking cart back. Usha and Shantaram carry severely ill Anand out of house ignoring Sai. They reach Kulkarni wada. Anta stops them and asks what they need. Shantaram says his son is having high fever and they want to meet sarkar. Anta says Sarkar has gone out of town, they can come in the evening. After reaching Shirdi, Nirmala says she wants to meet Shantaram and Ananand at least once as they may not return to Shirdi again.

Shantaram and Usha return home. Sai says a mother’s adamancy cannot be bigger than her son’s health. Usha agrees and gives him water. Sai mixes ash in water and feeds it to Anand. He says fever is gone. Shantaram asks why is he shivering even now and drapes blanket over Anand. Heavy air gushes opening windows. Sai finds Nirmala’s sari cloth and says this cloth’s remaining piece will console Anand. They both search whole house and don’t find similar cloth. Nirmala is showing wearing same sari. Kaustuth returns with food for Eknath and Nirmala and not finding them asks cart driver where is another cart. Driver says he does not not as he fell asleep. Kaustuth rushes back towards Shirdi.

Eknath and Nirmala reach Shantaram’s house and call Shantaram, Anand, Usha. Usha with Shantaram walks out and yells why did they return if they had left Shirdi. Nirmala says they were about to leave Shirdi when they realized they have not met Shantaram and Anand one last time, so they came here once. They both walk in and Nirmala seeing Anand shivering asks why is he shivering. Sai shows her sari piece and asks if it is her pallu piece. She sees a hole in pallu and asks how did it come here. Sai asks her to keep her pallu on Shantaram. She does, and Anand opens eyes and happily hugging them asks not leave him alone again. Usha yells to stop their drama and shouts at Sai that she can’t believe Sai did all this to bring back Eknath and Nirmala here and made Anand ill. Sai says Anand got ill due to his sorrow. Usha continues yelling at Sai.

Kaustuth knocks door and walks in and asks Aayi and baba why they are here. Shantaram asks if he knows Aayi and baba. Kaustuth says he knows baba better than Shantaram and says Shantaram kicked his parents out of house, but when his parents came to know about his financial crisis, they were deeply in pain and sought his help, so he give him grocery order. Usha yells at she now understood that Baba planned all this to boast himself as great and stole his given money. Sai says when she will find out truth, she will repent for her each wrong word. Eknath says even now he repeats that he did not take back his given money. Shantaram yells that he thought baba always tells truth, but he proved who wrong he is and how he is trying to harm us. Kaustuth asks if that is the case, then why would baba send him for help. Shantaram says toshow his greatness, he would have helped them on time else. He continues alleging Eknath. Heavy air gushes in again and a space under wooden trunk glows. Shantaram checks and finds money bag there. He and Usha see how they misbehaved with Eknath. Sai says an old man sacrifices all his youth for his family and when he returns to lead a peaceful life, his children insulted him and kicked him out of his own house. Usha and Shantaram cry reminiscing all their misbehaviors and sins.

Precap: Pari tells Sai that her aunt and Balram brother are coming, she is excited to meet them. Sai says even he wants to meet Balram. Pari’s mother asks Balram to do work and he says he cannot.

Update Credit to: MA

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