Nimki Mukhiya 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Tune blames himself

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says it would have been fun if Sweeti was here. Babu says I would make her eat. Annaro says to Tettar your rule is over. Now my Babbu rules this house. Someone comes in and shoots Babbu. It’s sweeti. It hits Babbu’s arm. Ananro says what re you doing. You will kill your brother? Sweet says I told you if court doens’t give justice I will. You used Elena to save yourself? Ritu says please calm down. Annaro says I beg you leave him please. Ritu says listen.. Sweeeti shoots towards him. She says Annaro devi you are nothing to me. Sweeti is about to shoot Babbu someone hits her on the head and she falls down. It’s Diamond. Sweeti is fainting. Babbu picks the gun. He says I can kill you right now. But no.. You will have to live. Babu says diamond lock her in the room.

Ramla says Nimki rest. I will get you food. Nimki says I will eat with everyone. Mauha says this halwa.. Mono sits with Nimki. He says I will fix everything. Mono says Tune Nimki is so silent. Nimki says I am fine. Mono says you’re not. Tune says bring food. Mauha says who are you to order my brother. Ramla serves food to everyone. Tune gets a call from Abhi. Abhi says how is Nimki? Tune says fine. He says how is elena? Abhi says she is very scared. Mauha says because of you didi lost. Nimki lost and Babu won. Nimki says so Elena was more important than Nimki? You chose Elena.. Abhi is listening. Tune says abhi is on call. Nimki says my sister is raped once again today. Nimki hugs Mauha. Mauha cries. Mauha says why did Nimki had to go through all this.

Abhi says to Mausi I am responsible for Nimki’s loss. I left elena alone. I should have been careful. Mausi says this isn’t your fault. Abhi cries. Mausi consoles him.
Tune is crying. Nimki comes to him and says will you go to cinema tomorrow? He says no. he says I will leave village. Nimki says new Salman Khan movie is live. tune says I lost at everything. He cries. Nimki says you are my bestfriend and will always be. Tune says I couldn’t save you from that demon. Nimki says you are a good human. You did what any good human should have. Elena’s life is more important. My dignity isn’t fragile that a verdict will break it. Nimki says I have lost a lot. But what I have it what I have to protect. Tune hugs her.

Precap-Jhariya announces in the village that Babbu is free and Nimki is a liar. People hit him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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